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    Mike Pigusch

    The area to the left of every thread has a place for an image that the Author would like to be associated with their post.

    I worked this little steps to follow, there steps should bused as a guide. Based on your geek skill, good luck.

    Image to use on WTA website. Using a laptop or desktop.

    Before you start you will need to know the name of the image file you want to use. The final image will be aprox 1 inch by 1 inch.

    1. After you log on to the WTA web site, you will see your name in the upper right corner of web page.
    move your mouse over your name and a drop down box will appear select “edit my Profile”.

    2. Scroll down to area where Profile Picture is displayed. you will see the words:
    “You can change your profile picture on Gravatar”.

    Right click on the word “Gravatar” and select “open in a new window”.

    3. Create an account with word press using the same email address you used in creating your WTA account.
    you can have your own unique password and user name. Word press will send you an email to the email address you entered to verify you typed correctly.

    4. WordPress site will give you a prompt to upload your image file from various locations

    and do a final crop if needed. If your not happy with the image just select the back arrow on the address bar and go back one step and adjust you picture.

    5. Once you are satisfied then select.

    Mike P


    Ken Cerney

    Well stated Mike.

    Don Mittag

    I am hiding from the law so that is why I don’t have my pix up there.

    Ken Cerney

    I have my smiling face up here to chase the rats away

    James Droster

    I KNOW WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE DON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And Ken your still looking good too me  lol.lol.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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