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    Mike Pigusch

    I was at the 18 June 2016 WTA board meeting and on on the topics that was addressed was how can the WTA RV website be linked to other search websites.

    1. If you google “Adams County RV Site”  the WTA Homeground RV Park site does not show up on the Google map. How do we get on the Google map?

    2.  How do we get the “WTA Homeground RV Park” on other RV park websites?

    3. I am not an RV’er , those of you who are and don’t see the “WTA Homeground RV Park” the RV related websites that you visit please post a link to that website on this forum. Then maybe a WTA coputer geek can start the process to start a link to the   “WTA Homeground RV Park”

    4. there are tourism websites that we need to also create the same type of link to our “WTA Homeground RV Park”.

    5. The big lake to the west of the Homegrounds are there websites related to that lake that people may search for RV park?

    6.  I know there are GOLF courses( i am no duffer, but I been to the Master twice in 1987 & 1988)  in the area what about RV needs for visiting Golfers?

    That enough from me, if we can not increase the usage of the RV Park the you all know what next.


    Mike P



    That enough ideas from me

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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