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Minutes: January 6, 2024

WTA Meeting
January 6, 2024

The 01/06/24 Board of Director’s meeting of the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association was called to order at 9:04 am by Andy Wondrash.  Directors present were N/W Tate Barwald and Ken Michels (phone and then in person), S/E Steve Downs and Bob Ebbers, N/E YZ Weisensel and Andy Wondrash, S/W John Reding and Tyler Buchanan (had to leave early), Executive Assistant/Shoot Coordinator Amy Jenkins, Treasurer Wanda Barwald, Alt. Delegate Tyler Buchanan, 2nd Alternate Delegate Gary Witzke.  Absent: ATA Delegate Kevin Doerring

Also present were:  John Coniff, Tom & Nora Bristol, Larry Heinrichs, Chops

Meeting started at 9:04 am.

Treasurer’s Report:
Account balances are as follows:  Checking account $206,348, Camping $66,556, Savings $13,519, Expansion fund is $62,665.   There will be about $20,000 in real estate taxes to be paid in January.  Forms will be filled out now to try to be tax exempt on property taxes in the future.  Unknown how long before that could take place.  You can only fill them out on even years.  Balance Sheets and Profit and Loss reports were handed out for review.  Andy and Steve asked if we should be moving the expansion money into a money market to try to reap some interest each month.  Ken will contact the bank to see what kind of interest rate we can get for a money market account.  Discussion held about budgeting amounts for targets, wages, etc.  Also discussed that we will need to set up and pay for target delivery on our own now.

YZ made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s report.  John seconded.  So carried.

Secretary’s Report:
Amy has been working on state shoot items.  She sent out all the invoices for the sponsorships yesterday.   The reservation system will be opened up before January 15 and SCTP and HSCTL people have been calling and emailing daily to find out when it will be opened.  Amy and John have been working on the program but it cannot be finalized without a decision on Event 2 (memorial name) and target prices.  We also will need information for the banquet.  White Flyer will have their meeting next week to determine event names (buyout to Winchester).  Also working on state shoot camping and trying to finalize the jigsaw puzzle.  There are very few sites to work with and they are not good sites.

Friends of the WTA report:
There is a balance of $45,427 in the account.  Paid $10,00 for Kolar and $20,000 for the tractor.  The youth checks have gone out, but not all have been cashed.  John would like to work with Don Grundy on a gun for the youth event raffle and will spend about $2200 to $2400.  Discussion about selling prices and determined to sell them for $10 or 3 tickets for $20.  John will try to plan to have the Kolar built and available in person for the SCTP and HSCTL shoots.  Serial number of the Kolar 125th anniversary gun will be WTA125.  John is working with Randall Copiskey on some leather items to go along with the Kolar raffle.

Old Business:

New website person:
Camphost’s daughter is willing to take over the website.  She would like to use a different editor.  Amy asked if the new person will know how to do what Elizabeth did with the hosting, etc.  Amy said that we are not looking for someone to build us a new website; we need someone to run the background; behind the scenes stuff.  Amy will reach out to Elizabeth to see if we can get a list of duties that she was performing so we can find out what we need to cover with a new person.  We do not know what we would need to pay this person either.

125th Flag:
John Reding is waiting for a call from the Ron Kind office to get this figured out.

Shoot Calendar:
No update as there has been no information from Al McCord.

Lead Reclamation Update:
Conference call was scheduled for 10am. We called Ben to discuss the contract as Brady was unavailable due to illness.  John asked what kind of equipment they are going to use to reclaim our lead.  They are to provide a new contract by January 19.

Storage Building:
Chops took site drawing in and Dan from the county said it was too specific and then the Town of Rome didn’t approve it.  Tyler put it on the old site plan and gave it back to Rome.  Permits should be issued this next week at the Town of Rome meeting.

Committee update:

  • State Shoot Committee:

Tyler showed a picture of the pin that we will be using for the state shoot.  We will not have the bucky pin this year.  Chops asked if there was a design for the t-shirts. We can use the logo that is on the state shoot program for the t-shirts.  He would like to get them ordered so they are available for the youth events which start in May.  Polo shirts will also be made to order.

Fireworks are Monday night with a backup rain date of Wednesday.  Hall of Fame banquet will be Tuesday at the Ridges.  Hot dog feed is Wednesday.  All state team with pig roast is Thursday.  Friday is live and silent auction.  Amy will see if she can work with the local breweries and have a couple of them here to sample their products on Friday night in conjunction with the live auction.

  • Grant committee:

Tyler has not gotten anything from the Mid-USA grant.  He will get a hold of them to see if Homegrounds could set up our own Mid-USA foundation account.

  • Maintenance committee:

Amy gave a list of items that she had that needed to be done this year:  scoring stand seats, concrete on cart path by hoop building, sidewalk in front of building tied in with landscaping, finish landscaping, broken sidewalks that need replacement.  The committee should check pricing for sealcoating of the driveway.  Nora asked if we were going to work on these items, how can we get more parking.  Larry asked if the campers on the east side in parking lot could be parked perpendicular rather than horizontal.  The concern is how far out the campers would be then to give enough clearance for driving.

Tate said that everyone got his email and should know that he was pretty upset about the purchase of the tractor.  He said that he thinks that we should have shopped around; tractor didn’t need a cab, etc.  There are so many things that we said we were going to fix and maintain and there is never any follow through.  We never finished the landscaping.  The pavers are all shifted down.  Broken pavers were never fixed.  Driveway is absolutely terrible and we expect a million-dollar coach drive down it.  Larry Heinrichs said that he has a tractor and grader that he would be willing to let us use but we would need an operator.  Tate said that we would need to rent a grader big enough to do the driveway.  The one that Larry has may work for the campground roads.  Amy contacted Pete Rustad and he would be willing to come up and work on the driveway if we had the equipment.

  • Shoot Staffing:

Andy passed out a handout regarding a proposal for workers for the season.  He will pitch this at the SCTP meeting next weekend to see if he can get some groups to come for a full day and cover the entire trap line.  Andy is proposing a budget of $60,000 for the state shoot.  It would be very beneficial to have a “group” every day of the state shoot so that the entire line is covered and we aren’t working with individuals.

Administration – Ken, Bob, Wanda, Kevin Schutz, Nora Bristol
Campground – Amy, Jeff, Tate, Wanda
Shoot Staffing – Andy, Steve, Gary, Crystal
Maintenance/Grounds – John King, YZ, Andy, John Reding, Jeff
Expansion – Chops, Andy, YZ, Tyler
Fundraising/Grants – Tyler, John Coniff, John Reding
Registered Shooting – Al McCord, Amy, Ken, Kevin
State Shoot – Steve, Amy, John Atkielski, Ken, Kevin, Tyler
Website – Ken, Amy, Andy, Tyler

New Business:

Quorum at meetings:
Tate brought up that there was not a quorum at the November meeting to purchase the tractor.  Tate said that he talked to John Coniff last night via text regarding a lot of items.  Is the tractor vote going to pass, yes probably, but he says that we really need to crack down on spending.  He has talked to a lot of the general membership and they are not really happy with the spending that is going on.  People don’t want to see the flashy items, they want to see the mortgage balance going down and this place getting paid for.  He does not think that the attendance for the 2024 is going to be what we are thinking.  It may not be up like it has been in past years.  John Coniff asked if the board could make an agreement to pay down the mortgage a certain percentage every year.  We are paying the mortgage payment two times a month now.  John Coniff asked if it would be helpful if the Friends paid a certain amount, say $10,000 towards the principal every year or 10% of their fundraising dollars. Tate thought that would be very good and would be a very positive thing for the general membership that have sour feelings towards to the FoWTA.

Weekend Coverage:
Discussion was held about being open on the weekends during this summer.  A lot was discussed regarding ideas and lack of money being made to keep the doors open.  Bob suggested to think about it and make a decision at the next meeting.  Maybe we can do it by appointment only and must be scheduled in advance.

2024 Calendar of Events:

May 4 & 5 – WTA Registered shoot
May 11 & 12 – WI Junior Olympic Qualifier (15 athletes)
May 11 – Ducks Unlimited Shoot
May 18 – Kettle Moraine
June 8 & 9 – High School Clay Target League
June 21, 22 & 23 – WI SCTP Championship
July 9 to 14 – WI State Shoot
July 17 – Cheesemakers
July 26, 27 & 28 – Central Zone
September 20 – Mid-State Technical College
September 28 & 29 – WTA WI Fall Classic

Andy suggested holding a shoot in October for the National Trapshooting day.  It could be a one-day event and then close the campground the next day.  Discussion about having it non-registered.  Directors should talk with their local clubs to see if anyone is interested in coming to shoot it.

Pricing for 2024 Events:
Discussion was held regarding target prices and freight.  We have reached out to other states to see what their target prices are for their state shoots.  Ken needs a price for the Nekoosa youth team as they will need to sign a contract for the spring HSCTL league.  Ken will see if they can be present at the next meeting to discuss their contract.  We will table the discussion about target prices for the state shoot and youth events until we have a better idea of what target prices will be and get an estimate on freight costs.

YZ made a motion to charge $7 per 100 targets for the Nekoosa group that shoots practice for the HSCTL league at Homegrounds.  John seconded.  So carried.

Round Table
Asked about the locks/keys.  John King said that there will be one key and would open whichever locks you have access to.  John just needs to tell them how many locks we need.  YZ purchased a donkey for his business and for moving targets.  He will allow us to use it for the state shoot as long as the WTA covers the fuel.  If we like it, YZ would sell it to us for the future.

Town of Rome has a business directory and WTA is listed but still has Arlene’s number.  Nora will change it to the 888 number.  She will also try to add our website.  Nora asked when pre-squad opened and it will open on May 1st.  She asked also about the $10 fee for golf carts and UTVs at the state shoot.  This was approved at the previous meeting and is in the state shoot program.  They will take care of the permits at the state shoot.  Vicky’s Lunch Wagon suggested that there only be two food vendors until the weekend during the state shoot as there just isn’t enough people eating during the day.  They will not return for 2024.

Steve asked Amy what the outcome was with Fritz’ camping agreement.  Amy sent him an email with the updated terms of his lease but she did not hear back from him.  Steve asked if Amy would have the final event names by the next meeting.  She is waiting to hear back from Kevin Schutz and from Winchester.

He wanted to make sure that the 501c3 gets renewed.  He sent that to Wanda.  The raffle license will be coming due as well.  He also wants to make sure that we do the property tax form.  He also asked if we can get a dumpster out here to get rid of all the junk where the new building is going.

He was looking for rain ponchos.  He thought they were on sale but they were $1.98 each so he did not purchase them.  We will need these for the summer; should be able to purchase them somewhere in bulk.  He is going to take out some stumps and will put them down by the current wood pile.  Chops thought someone should talk to Town of Rome to set up a one-time flea market and utilize vendor row for an event.  He needs a figure of how much it costs for the cardboard dumpster. Would it be better to get a compactor and sell the cardboard back to a recycling place.  HOF contract is available but the vendor will not set the prices until February.  Chops would like to get a date for the 2025 banquet so he can lock in the date with Arrowhead for next year.  The date would be July 8, 2025.

John King:
He is looking at 2500 white and 2500 red pine trees.  They will be planted 100 yards in front of the other trees.  He is reaching out to the high schools to help plant them.

He asked if the cart fee was going to be implemented for HSCTL and SCTP weekends.  There is a lot of horseplay going on that needs to be stopped.  Reminder that the central zone shoot is here in July as well.  We will need workers for that weekend as well.

YZ made a motion to adjourn.  Andy seconded.  So carried.

Meeting adjourned at 1:56 pm


Future Meeting Schedule:
February 10
April 6
Work day…..April 20 or April 27 (open campground, load targets)
May 24 or 25?