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Minutes: December 9, 2023

WTA Meeting
December 9, 2023

The 12/09/23 Board of Director’s meeting of the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association was called to order at 9:05 am by Andy Wondrash.   Directors present were N/W Tate Barwald, S/E Steve Downs and Bob Ebbers, N/E YZ Weisensel and Andy Wondrash, S/W John Reding and Tyler Buchanan, ATA Delegate Kevin Doerring, Executive Assistant/Shoot Coordinator Amy Jenkins, Treasurer Wanda Barwald, Alt. Delegate Tyler Buchanan, 2nd Alternate Delegate Gary Witzke (zoom).  Absent: N/W Ken Michels.

Also present were:  Kevin Schutz, Bruce Wiegmann, John King, Crystal Wondrash, Fritz Thistle, Tom Bristol, John Coniff (zoom)

Meeting started at 9:00 am.

Treasurer’s Report:
Account balances are as follows:  Checking account $209,715, Camping $63,118, Savings $13,518, Expansion fund is $62,660.

Kevin made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s report.  John seconded.  So carried.

Secretary’s Report:
Amy continues to work on state shoot camping.  There are still some forms that have not been received.  As of right now, there are only a few open sites available. Amy has a waiting list of close to 40 people.  Amy gave an update on unpaid members and how this affects our rebate from the ATA.  Right now, we are losing $165 due to unpaid memberships and a late fee for the Manitowoc Gun Club.  Andy will follow up with Manitowoc tomorrow on their unpaids.  Discussion was held on how to handle this at the state shoot so that we do not continually have people shooting that have not paid their ATA dues.

Friends of the WTA report:
John Coniff paid Kolar $10,000 to build the gun for the 2024 State Shoot.  There is a balance of $63,178 I the account.  He received a check from Visit Rome for $3500.  He is suggesting to use that money to purchase a hay wagon at a cost of $4300.  SCTP would like to use five card readers for their shoot.  They would like to discontinue the sporting clays at the east end and add 5 Stand.  John will be attending the SCTP coach’s meeting.  Any board members that would like to attend; it is January 12 and 13 at Chula Vista in WI Dells.  Tate said that he didn’t think there was a need to purchase the hay wagon.  He said we need to look at our costs and what bills we have coming up in the next year.  He doesn’t know how we can throw another $100,000 in targets to afford the purchases.  Tate said we need to look at our needs versus wants.  We are looking at $50,000 for a tractor and approximately $50,000 for the storage building ($30,000 for concrete and $12,000 for rough excavating).  Bruce said that he will be covering the excavating.  Friends will put $20,000 towards the tractor with a bat wing and the rest will be financed.  John said we can make one payment in August after the state shoot.  It will be a John Deere with a 7-year warranty.  John Reding thinks we can get away without the hay wagon right now.  John Coniff asked if there were any used hay wagons and there were none available on any of their sites.  Discussion on whether the hay wagon would be stable enough to use for loading targets into the traphouses.

YZ made a motion to not purchase the hay wagon for $4300. Tate seconded. So carried.

Old Business:

New website person:
Amy gave an update on the website.  Amy has had to reach out to Elizabeth a few times because the website has been inaccessible.  Amy worked with Elizabeth to ensure the hosting fees are paid in December (credit card on file was expired last year).  Amy gave admin access to Jeff and Deb’s daughter so that she can get into the website and see if there are things that she can assist us with since Elizabeth will be leaving.

Storage Building:
Chops sent a quote for the excavating for $12,000 and Bruce will cover that expense.  Chops will be applying for the zoning permit.  Bruce will cover the electrical as well.

Lead Reclamation:John King gave an update where he is at; he contacted someone this morning and that person will contact their main office.  He said that he has been talking with an attorney and the contract that we are in right now stands.  Right now everything is in their favor.  We cannot do anything until we hear from them.  John will update us when he hears back from them.

Ducks Unlimited:
Amy proposed a few dates to the organizers and they have chosen to hold their shoot on May 11.  They will follow the same program that they were originally planning (shoot and bingo).  They will begin working on promotional materials right away and really promote the event in hopes for a great turnout.

Ads for State Shoot Program:
Amy was approached by someone that would like to place an ad in the state shoot program.  Discussion was held about pricing for placing an ad since we haven’t sold ad space in the program since pre-COVID.  Kevin said that we will need a program for the Central Zone shoot as well and we should think about talking to businesses for ads for that and for donated money.

YZ made a motion to charge $300 for a full-page ad and $200 for a ½ page ad for state shoot program.  The ad will also be added to the central zone program.  John seconded.  So carried.

Committee update:

Administration committee:
Kevin made contacts with temp agencies for possibly overseeing and managing the trap help.  He found out there is a lot of variation in the rate and depends on the job, etc.  Looking at a 40% add on…worker’s comp, etc.  It would be 1.4% more than what we paid last year.  It is likely not a feasible way to handle it. It will not be cost effective to go this way.

State Shoot committee:
Meeting will be held after this meeting.

Grant committee:
Tyler will be looking at a grant through Midway USA Foundation for additional lighted fields.  The grant has to be written on how it will help the youth.

No updates on camping, maintenance, etc.  Kevin said he hears that people are not going to the small shoots and they are saving their money to attend the bigger shoots.

Discussion held about creating committees to better manage the organization so one person isn’t handling all of the tasks (leader is listed in bold).

Administration – Ken, Bob, Wanda, Kevin Schutz, Nora Bristol
Campground – Amy, Jeff, Tate, Wanda
Shoot Staffing – Andy, Steve, Gary, Crystal
Maintenance/Grounds – John King, YZ, Andy, John Reding, Jeff
Expansion – Chops, Andy, YZ, Tyler
Fundraising/Grants – Tyler, John Coniff, John Reding
Registered Shooting – Al McCord, Amy, Ken, Kevin
State Shoot – Steve, Amy, John Atkielski, Ken, Kevin, Tyler
Website – Ken, Amy, Andy, Tyler

Shoot Calendar:
No updates from Al McCord. Amy stated that as of right now there are no prices for what clubs would need to pay in order to get an ad or their program flyer into the shoot calendar.  The shoot dates are due to Amy in January.

New Business:

State Shoot workers:
Andy said we will likely use the signup.com site.  Steve said that kids don’t use facebook any more so he suggested a different way to contact the workers.  The committee will continue working on this and give updates.  Bob made a suggestion that the youth group (Nekoosa) that shoots their HSCTL league here work the state shoot.  We will need to make some sort of proposal to them; this would solve a lot of our staffing issues for the state shoot.  Gary said that they did a presentation for the Kettle Moraine group and not one single person stepped forward to ask questions or seek more information. Suggestion to offer the teams to come and work one day and make “x” amount of dollars so that there is no expense for overnight stays and the problem of not finding a place to stay.

State Shoot Program Review:
Amy went through the program and got questions answered so that her and John can continue moving forward on finalizing the program.  Ken will need to complete his President’s message as well.  We will not be able to finalize the program until we know target prices.  Amy has one sponsor left to confirm.

125th Anniversary:
The ATA provided us with another plaque to hang on the wall in honor of our 125th anniversay.  The ATA will be helping us advertise for out state shoot since it is our 125th.  John Reding will take the lead on trying to get a flag that flew over the US Capitol.

2024 Calendar of Events:

May 4 & 5 – WTA Registered shoot
May 11 & 12 – WI Junior Olympic Qualifier (15 athletes)
May 11 – Ducks Unlimited Shoot
May 18 – Kettle Moraine
June 8 & 9 – High School Clay Target League
June 21, 22 & 23 – WI SCTP Championship
July 9 to 14 – WI State Shoot
July 17 – Cheesemakers
July 26, 27 & 28 – Central Zone
September 20 – Mid-State Technical College
September 28 & 29 – WTA WI Fall Classic

 All State Team:

Tyler read the names of the all-state teams:

George Hass, Captain                     95.74%
Tyler Buchanan                                 95.51%
Jon Denman                                       95.28%
Cody Barwick                                     95.17%
Hunter Knotwell                               94.74%
Logan Denman                                  94.53%
Roger Taylor Jr                                  93.57%
Brian Stoa                                            93.47%
Dave Marohl                                      92.96%
Andy Wondrash                                92.87%

Lady I:
Brianna Thompson, Captain 91.84%
Karlie Klas 91.74%
Kelsey Lorenz 91.37%
Sarah Atkielski 88.40%
Crystal Wondrash 84.66%

Lady II:
Debra Longworth, Captain 89.74%
Janet Reding 88.94%
Connie Gresk 81.92%

Dwight Fitzsimmons, Captain 95.68%
Gerald Demulling 94.31%
Joe Schepper 93.81%
Paul Mieden 93.21%
Don LaBarge 93.16%

Senior Veteran:
Michael Nawikas, Captain92.31%
Dwight Paulin 92.29%
Don Chrapla 91.46%
Bruce Wiegmann 90.06%
Bill Ohrmund 89.02%

Robert Gropp, Captain 94.47%
Sage McKeough 91.09%
Caleb Studnicka 90.64%
Lillian Longworth 89.90%
Lexi Flees 88.52%

High Average Winners In-State Targets
Singles – Tyler Buchanan               99.18% on 2200 targets
Handicap – Jon Denman                94.27% on 1100 targets
Doubles – Cody Barwick                96.93% on 1500 targets

Ten will be receiving bags from Shamrock.  Tyler’s budget is $4500 for the awards.  YZ donated $2000.  Amy will talk to Jeff Mainland.  Cassville will be donating the remainder.

Trophies for the state shoot – budget $22,000.

HOF Inductees:
Packets were sent out the Board of Directors to review prior to the meeting.  Rick Tesker will be inducted into the hall of fame with Dwight Fitzsimmons (carryover from last year).

John made a motion to approve Rick Tesker to be inducted into the WTA Hall of Fame at the 2024 state shoot.  Kevin seconded.  So carried.

Kevin reported that Paul Lieb has donated Trap and Field magazines and average books from 1947.  Kevin will store these items until we have our building up.

John King asked if we wanted to plant more trees out in front of the trapline.  He said that trees are $187 per 1000 trees and we would need about 5000 trees at a total cost of $935.  Fritz said that maybe the school would plant these as a project for us.  John King will reach out to the local FFA to see if they are interested in doing this.

Locks and Radios:
Discussion about having locks all re-keyed so that you only have one key. John King said that they will use the same key, but there are different cuts in them to open up certain areas.  He will get a quote for them.  YZ is willing to donate money for them.  We will need to order new radios for the directors for the state shoot.  John Reding is willing to donate money towards them.

Round Table
YZ bid on picnic tables and won 6 of them from the WI Surplus auction.  He will donate them.

Fritz asked about his camping.  He received his camping form for payment from Amy.  He wants to know if the board would consider covering his camping for all of the service that he provided to this organization.  The board should discuss and let him know.

Manitowoc Gun Club donated a TV to the WTA.  We will hang it on the wall to broadcast scores on the wall by the bathrooms

Kevin  made a motion to adjourn.  YZ seconded.  So carried.

Meeting adjourned at 12:50 pm

Meeting Schedule:

January 6
February 10
April 6
Work day…..April 20 or April 27 (open campground, load targets)
May 24 or 25?