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Minutes: November 4, 2023

                                                                                          WTA Meeting

                                                                                    November 4, 2023



The 11/04/23 Board of Director’s meeting of the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association was called to order at 9:00 am by Ken Michels, President. Directors present were N/W – Ken Michels, S/E – Steve Downs, N/E – YZ Weisensel and Andy Wondrash, S/W – John Reding and Tyler Buchanan,Treasurer Wanda Barwald, S/W & Alt. Delegate Tyler Buchanan.

Absent: N/W – Tate Barwald, S/E – Bob Ebbers, ATA Delegate Kevin Doerring, 2nd Alternate Delegate Gary Witzke, and Executive Assistant/Shoot Coordinator Amy Jenkins.

Also present were: John Coniff, Jeff Goering, Chops Gurkowski, John and Joan King, Al and Laura McCord, and Gene Newton.

Meeting started at 9:00 am.

Treasurer’s Report:

  • Account balances are as follows:
    • Checking account $213,007,
    • Camping $62,655,
    • Savings $13,517, and
    • Expansion fund is $63,286.

JohnR made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s report. Tyler seconded. So carried.

Secretary’s Report:

  • Nothing ‘material’ to report this month per Ken.

Old Business:

  • New website person – website is currently not functioning
    • Ken will follow up on the website with JohnC’s daughter and Jeff’s Daughter-in-Law – Update Due next Meeting (12/9/23).
    • A Website Committee was decided on/ formed based on group discussion (See Committees below).
  • Storage Building – bids for electric, concrete?
    • Chops update included:
      • Permits: (1) Electrical was approved/ received; (2) Zoning/ Building is Pending the January Zoning Meeting – Update Anticipated March Meeting (3/16/24).
      • Quotes: (1) Concrete received from (Rich) Weiler Construction, ~$37k which is NOT expected to change by Spring ’24 installation; (2) Site Preparation and Electrical are pending.
      • Chops is still waiting for a quote from Bohn Trucking & Excavating.
      • Overall: Still on track for Start Spring ’24.
  • Lead Reclamation update
    • Ken reported Range Recovery Technologies spent another week at the Homegrounds only to run into more machine problems.
    • Group discussion resulted in the following Plan – Update Due next Meeting (12/9/23):
      • The Team on JohnK (Lead/ Initiate), Chops, Tyler, YZ with work to:
        • Void the current contract.
        • Renegotiate a new contract with provisions to help avoid the current condition.
  • Ducks Unlimited Event – Canceled; move to a weekend in the spring; set date (April/May)
    • Ken will work with Amy to propose Saturday, 4/27/24 – Update Due next Meeting (12/9/23).
  • State Shoot – propose ideas for changes to program for 2025; cost for ad?
    • A State Shoot Committee was decided on/ formed based on group discussion (See Committees below).
    • Otherwise, discussion was ‘tabled’ for this meeting/ pending an update from the committee – Update Due next Meeting (12/9/23).
  • Committees – Directors to sign up
    • Discussion started with defining the ‘Baseline Structure’ of each committee:
      • Each Committee will have a designated Lead person that will:
        • Initiate and Conduct as needed Offline Meetings with the Committee Members and report back to the full board so as to save discussion times in the board meetings on each subject matter.
        • Report activity, needs, requests, etc. at the Monthly Board Meetings.
          • Note: In the absence of the Lead for any Board Meeting, the committee designate will make any needed report.
      • Each Committee will be made up of:
        • At least One (1) Director, a Minimum of 3 Members including the Lead, and Target 5 Total Members noting:
          • Directors and the ATA Delegate are required to be active participants on at least 2 committees, note:
            • Participation was defined and/or confirmed at this meeting with Bob and Tate ‘2nd Committee’ Participation pending – Update Due next Meeting (12/9/23).
          • Members need not be WTA members.
      • At the Formation of any Committee, the initial work and board reporting for the committee will be to – Update from EACH Lead Due next Meeting (12/9/23):
        • Define the Scope of the Committee’s efforts.
        • Propose Annual Goals (e.g. to date ’24).
        • Propose Budget/ Spending needs which may include limits for ongoing spending that does not require Board Approval (e.g. office supplies, maintenance items, etc.).
    • Committees and Members to Date (with the Lead in Bold):
      • Administration: Ken, Bob, Kevin (Schutz), Wanda
      • Campground: Amy, Jeff, Tate, Wanda
      • Expansion: Chops, Andy, Tyler, YZ
      • Fundraising/ Grants: Tyler, JohnC, JohnR
      • Maintenance/ Grounds: JohnK, Andy, Jeff, JohnR, YZ
      • Registered Shooting: Al, Amy, Ken, KevinD
      • Shoot Staffing: Andy, Crystal, Gary, Steve
      • State Shoot: Steve, Amy, JohnA, Ken, KevinD, Tyler
      • Website: Ken, Amy, Andy, Tyler

New Business:

  • State Shoot – 125th Anniversary plans (fireworks, special pin, etc.)
    • Discussion around Fireworks on Monday, 7/8/24 with a rain alternative of Wednesday, 7/10/24.  However, other options led to a ‘tabling’ of this discussion and deferral to the State Shoot Committee – Update Due next Meeting (12/9/23).
  • State Shoot workers / plan for 2024
    • The Shoot Staffing Committee will meet to further discussion on this topic – Update Due next Meeting (12/9/23).
  • 2024 Calendar of Events/ Shoot Calendar
    • Al led discussion on this including – Update Due next Meeting (12/9/23):
      • Calendar Update: (1) Cost ~$2 w/ Club Inserts and then ~$4 if mailed; (2) At minimum the WTA needs to cover the total cost/ make a small profit.
      • Suggestions: (1) Chops suggested they could be provided to the clubs for distribution to save on mailing; (2) Al suggested others could be mailed if requested at a price (e.g. $5); (3) Steve suggested that the President’s Message Page ONLY (i.e. cost of a stamped envelope) with the Shoots on the backside could be mailed to the WTA members for broad distribution/ communication with detail on calendar availability at the clubs or mailed upon request and direction to the website for online access to shoots.
      • Other discussion: (1) Need to decide on a Calendar Quantity for the best bulk price vs. not too many; (2) All Homegrounds Shoots should be included on the Calendar (NOT just registered shoots – include High School, Ducks Unlimited, etc.).
      • Overall: This topic falls to the Registered Shooting Committee.
  • Budgets for 2024 – all state team, trophies, etc.
    • In General, each Committee should come back with ’24 needs (See Committees above).
    • From this meeting:
      • State Shoot Trophies – $22k Planned (increase of $2k to cover the cost of Event 2&3 inclusion on Non-Resident Trophies).
      • State Team – $5k Planned.

Round Table:

  • JohnC
    • Kid’s Program Grants: (1) ’23 was the same as ’22; (2) Plan for ’24 is to retain $2k for another raffle gun and then distribute the remaining to the teams (~$400/ team).
    • 125th Anniversary Logo is in process – Update Due next Meeting (12/9/23).
    • Next Fundraising Meeting will be in December.
    • Our Sign will be coming down, readying for Spring ’24.
    • SCTP Meeting (w/ Gary DeSchmitt) is Pending.
    • Tractor Procurement: Maintenance/ Grounds Committee Choice was the New John Deere w/ Mower (re: 0% Financing, Warranty, Resale, Capacity, etc.).
      • Additional Goal is to have Two (2) New or Used Hay Wagons included in the Current Price (for target pallet moves).
      • JohnR made a motion to approve the Purchase. Andy seconded. So carried.
      • Many thanks to JohnC to lead this initiative and to the Friends of the WTA for their support!!
  • Jeff
    • Suggestion for the Maintenance/ Grounds Committee to decide on DNR Replacement (Red Pine) Tree Timing – Update Due next Meeting (12/9/23).
  • Ken
    • Request for WiFi Thermostats to control the building from afar to save on Energy Costs.
      • The Friends of the WTA will provide the ~$600 to cover this cost.
      • Once again, many thanks to JohnC and to the Friends of the WTA for their support!!
  • Chops
    • HOF Banquet reservation made at the Ridges for Tuesday, 7/9/24; Attendance cost is pending – Update Due/ Pending Ridges Update.
    • Walmart has close-out ponchos for $0.75, Chops will buy/ be reimbursed for all available.
  • Al
    • Reported that one or more WTA shooters might be registering in the wrong State Zone, Ken will Follow Up – Update Due next Meeting (12/9/23).
    • Requested that the ’25 and ’26 SE Zone Shoots be rescheduled to coincide with previous/ traditional week timing. This request falls to the Registered Shooting Committee – Update Due next Meeting (12/9/23).
    • Requested that Gateway be put in the Rotation for the NE Zone Shoot. This request falls to the Registered Shooting Committee – Update Due next Meeting (12/9/23).
  • Steve
    • State Shoot Championship Trophies for ’24: Based on further review of the ATA Options, the WTA will use the ATA Trophy Package and NOT select other trophies.
    • State Shoot Trophies for ’24: Plan is to integrate a 125th Anniversary Recognition on the Trophy Verbiage.

Steve made a motion to adjourn. Andy seconded. So carried.

Meeting adjourned at 12:31 pm


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