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Minutes: May 26, 2023

WTA Meeting
May 26, 2023
Homegrounds and Zoom

The 05/26/23 Board of Director’s meeting of the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association was called to order at 9:04 am by Ken Michels, President.  Directors present were N/E Ken Michels and Andy Wondrash, S/E YZ Weisensel and Bob Ebbers (zoom), N/W Tate Barwald, S/W Tyler Buchanan (zoom) and John Reding, ATA Delegate Kevin Doerring, 1st Alt. Delegate Tyler Buchanan, Executive Assistant/Shoot Coordinator Amy Jenkins.  Absent: N/W Aaron Katzenberg, 2nd Alt. Delegate Fritz Thistle, Treasurer, Taylor Katzenberg.

Also present were:  Chops, John King, Gordy Horigan, Al and Laura McCord, Wanda Barwald, Deb and Jeff Goering

Meeting started at 9:02 am.

Treasurer’s Report:
Account balances are as follows:  Checking account $61,675, Camping $81,833, Savings $13,510, Expansion fund is $62,623.  Summit Loan as of 5/25/23 is $618,267. Raffle licenses have been renewed.  There are 76 HOF banquet tickets sold already.  There are two invoices for Recob’s that are not paid totaling $38,345.  Ken deposited the Kettle Moraine check yesterday which was $14,000.  She should pay Recob’s for the targets.

Andy made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s report.  John seconded.  So carried.

Secretary’s Report:
Amy will go through her items as they fall on the agenda to keep all the notes together.

Friends of the WTA:
John Coniff, personally will pay for the water for the state shoot; YZ will check with KT on pricing and see if we can get a deal on purchasing soda from them.

Old Business:

Trapline help:
Gary said we are at 57% filled which is 272 out of 480 filled for the season.  State shoot – Monday we are good; Tuesday we are short 3 loaders and 22 scorers, Wednesday we are short 2 loaders and 20 scorers; Thursday we are short 5 loaders and 23 scorers; Friday 5 loaders and 25 scorers; Saturday short 6 loaders and 27 scorers; Sunday short 1 loader and 27 scorers.  Gary will not be here for HSCTL – we are short 2 fillers for the weekend.  SCTP we are completely filled – have loaders for all three days and Gary will be here.  Deb suggested checking with Nicolet services and Job Services.  Chops suggested posting something in the Buyer’s Guide. Deb suggested checking with Mid-State College as well.  YZ said that John Madsen may have some gals that are willing to help.  Tate stated that if a club brought seven workers for the week that would equate to a $5000 donation for their organization.

State Shoot

  • Program: Program is posted online.  Board agreed to print 300 programs this year.
  • Presquad: Opened on 4/30 and it was crazy busy.  We have opened up banks two or three more times.  Amy will need to open up another flight for championship singles; at 112 right now.
  • Parking: We have no updates on parking at this time.  Tyler looked at the roads and they are cut out.   Tate suggested holding off as we need to do it right.  First, breaker rock would need to be put done first.  And $5000 is not going to go very far if we want to do it right.
  • Camping prices: State shoot prices will remain the same for 2024.
  • Mowing/Grounds: Camphosts will be gone from June 19 to July 7. John Gaba and Fritz are willing to mow if needed.
  • Beer/Soda: Ken will get the beer and soda ordered for the state shoot.  YZ will check to see if we can get a price break from KT.  Kevin, Andy and John will get licensed for bartending.
  • Fire Lane: Tate will need some three-foot sections of pipe.  He is planning to use brake drums to put the pipe in and then use rope.  Amy will contact Mark Kane (Rome Fire Chief) about coming out here for the state shoot and the youth shoots.

The first pod was delivered and is tucked in the woods down by trap 30.  The second pod will delivered next Tuesday.  The pod that is next to the hoop building now will need to be emptied out so it can be moved into the woods.  The grey work trailer will be emptied out and Jeff will attempt to get it to the scrap yard. They will then move the black Kolar trailer over to the woods and use as his work trailer.

Amy programmed the cash register last weekend and all of the prices are in there and there is a cheat sheet on how to use it.  Tate and Andy got the card reader system up and running.  Tate and Amy will type up a cheat sheet so everyone knows how to use it for future weekends.  All practice rounds need to be shot on the traps with card readers.

Ken ordered a wifi router and is attempting to hook up wifi in the campground for the camphost so that they can get a Ring doorbell set up in case someone comes in when they are not here.

Director Coverage:
Amy posted the schedule on the website through the state shoot. The bunker is currently broke; someone was supposed to come this week, but no one has been here yet.  Last weekend we got struck by lightning and lost water in the main building and we assume the bunker is the same issue.  The plumber came late on Friday night and came back Saturday morning with a temporary fix.  Water was back on about 8:30am for the Kettle Moraine shoot.

HSCTL:  Andy (Friday to Sunday), YZ, John R., John King, Tate, Amy, Ken, Tyler (Sunday), Kevin (Saturday), Bill Simonar

Shooters will only be able to shoot on the traps with card readers and Saturday/Sunday.  There will be no practice on every trap the morning of the shoots.

SCTP:  Andy (Friday to Sunday), YZ, John King, Tate, Ken, Amy, Chops, Bill Simonar, Gary Witzke

Plan to load the rest of the houses on Thursday, June 22.

Tate suggested in the future, we are going to charge the youth events by the target.  We will use the counter on the traps and at the end of the shoot, the organization would be responsible for the practice rounds.  There is reason to believe we are losing targets…and lots of them.

We will try to load as many houses on Sunday, June 11 in preparation for SCTP and load the remaining on June 22.  We will plan to load houses on Saturday, July 7 (90 cases in every house).  Will need to reload Thursday and possibly Saturday as well.

PA System:
Ken talked to the company that we rented from last year.  They will bring out the system next week and leave it through the state shoot; we would have to pull the speakers in every night.  The cost was $4000.  Suggestion was to cover the speakers with bags every night rather than pulling the speakers each night.

Bylaws Review:
Brad Bomkamp sent in a suggested revision for the by-laws regarding the memberships for out of state shooters.  Amy sent the information to John Atkielski for review.

New Business:

Tate will call Tim to see if we can get this done very soon.  We will see if the Friends will pay for this.  Jeff asked if we could crown the main road and have the guy from Rom come and grind it before we do the brine.  Tim will be here before the HSCTL shoot; he will call about 48 hours ahead of time.

Round Table
He suggested that we not “loan” out guns for open shooting on the weekends.  He said that there was someone that went to a gun club and borrowed a gun and actually shot himself.  On the weekends that he is working, he will not be loaning them out.  Tate suggested we sell them.  John King agrees that we should not take this liability.  We will no longer be loaning out guns for weekend shooters.

Andy:  He suggested that we should all be CPR certified.  Suggestion to have an AED here.  He suggested setting a meeting schedule for the entire year so that everyone can get them on their calendar and be able to attend.

YZ:  He would like some suggestions on what the Directors should be doing throughout the year.  Directors should prepare a list and we will review this after the state shoot.

John K:  He wanted to say thanks to Don Chrapla and YZ.  Don made the guide for drilling the traps for the doubles plates and YZ donated the plated.  He thanked Jeff for fixing the cage in the hoop building.

Kevin:  He has the pins for the state shoot.  Central zone meeting was held and price was maxed at $43.  Congrats to Sara Atkielski for winning Lady 1 at Handicap at Great Lakes Grand yesterday.

Chops:  Had a meeting with Fritz and Bruce Wiegmann and Modern Pole.  They looked at a place to put a new storage building.  There was an issue last weekend with a coach from one of the schools.  Gary Witzke will follow up with this issue.

Gordy Horigan:  He would like to see the shoot calendar come back.  He feels like we are losing shooters by not having the calendar. He suggested printing it and then taking the hard copies to the clubs rather than mailing them.  We will revisit the calendar at the annual meeting.  We will ask for a show of hands at the annual meeting to see how many are interested in still doing a hard copy shoot calendar.

Gary Witzke:  Gary will follow up with the issue that Chops brought up.   Thanks to the WTA for the KM weekend.


John made a motion to adjourn.  Kevin seconded.  So carried.

Meeting adjourned at 11:29 am.

All traps were loaded with 96 cases of targets after the meeting.  Thank you to everyone that helped with this HUGE task.


Meeting Schedule:

Next meeting will be the annual meeting.