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Minutes: October 15, 2021

WTA Meeting
October 15, 2021

The 10/15/21 Board of Director’s meeting of the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association was called to order at 9:02 am by Fritz Thistle, President.  Directors present were N/E Ken Michels (zoom) and YZ Weisensel, N/W Keith Lehmann (zoom), S/W LaVerne Lehmann (zoom), S/E Tyler Buchanan (zoom), ATA Delegate Kevin Doerring (zoom), 1st Alt. Delegate Tyler Buchanan (zoom), 2nd Alt. Delegate Fritz Thistle, Executive Assistant/Shoot Coordinator Amy Jenkins.  Absent:  N/W Aaron Katzenberg, S/W Bob Ebbers, and Treasurer Taylor Katzenberg.

Also present were:  Glen Grabski, Al & Laura McCord, Beth Schaefbauer, Jim Giese, Don Chrapla, John King

Meeting started at 9:02 am.

Treasurer’s Report:
Checking Account Balance:  $61,540.62; Camping Account Balance:  $42,883.29; Savings Account Balance:  $13,488.71; Expansion Account Balance:  $62,524.47; Target Stock Statement June 30-September 30, 2021:  $20,561.67

The financial report from the WI Fall Classic Shoot was included. Taylor suggested to add class bumps to the flyer – If you win your class on Saturday you get moved up a class for Sunday. Taylor suggested adding a section about refunds in the program for our shoots.  Refunds will only be given when an event is canceled. Total money for the fall shoot was $27,203.00, $15,711.94 was paid out for a net of $11,491.06.

The EMTs have been paid the $2500 per the vote at the last meeting.  We paid $5625 for a 40’ storage container. The checking account balance includes these two payments.

Taylor has been working on the 2020 taxes with the accountant this past month.  Taxes should be filed mid-November hopefully.  All the W9s are back for 2021; 1099s will be filed at the end of the year.

On 10/1, Solarus was put on vacation hold for six months and service will resume in April.

YZ made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report.  Kevin seconded.  So carried.

Secretary Report:
Amy has been working on shoot coordinator duties.  Clubs are submitting their shoots for the 2022 shooting season.  Most clubs have wrapped up their leagues now as well.  Amy received some unpaid invoices from the past treasurer that were from Loop Up.  This is the service that the previous board had utilized when they needed to do phone calls.  She contacted Loop Up as there are many charges that seemed incorrect.  Upon talking with them, it was determined that we have a contract with them and we pay as we go.  When their service is used, we are charged per caller, per minute; which means some of the invoices are around $300 for calls that last 4 hours or more.  Amy will review that the meetings did occur and we likely will need to pay them.  We will continue to use zoom as that is a monthly fee and we are not charged per caller or by the minute.

Amy explained that she has received a list of unpaid ATA memberships for the 2021 target year.  Amy has been working on trying to collect them.  Kevin and Ken both stated that shooters are given the ATA application at classification and they are to pay their dues with cashiering at the state shoot.  It is unknown how so many are unpaid from the state shoot. Amy will continue to follow up to try to clear these unpaid up.  Amy clarified with the ATA that if someone pays their ATA dues online, it typically posts within 24 hours so this should not be an issue at the state shoot if someone states they paid.

Amy received a request from a family from Clayton/Clear Lake.  They would like to know if we would approve them to have a DJ/Karaoke during HSCTL weekend.  They would like to have it near the volleyball court or the shower house possibly.  It would be either Friday or Saturday night.  The board stated there would be no problem with this as long as they are done before quiet hours.

Friends of WTA:
John Coniff reported via email:

Checking balance is $61,262.26 with an outstanding check of $17,500.  This is for the golf carts.  So real balance is $43,762.26.  Youth grants are coming in slower than expected.  He has received 6 or 7 right now, with two repeats of last year.

Inside banner – John received a quote from Graphic Sign and Letter, the same people who did our signs on Akron and Hwy 13.  A 5 ft wide by 6 ft high would range from $160 to $200.  Getting to the $200 level would result in heavier material which would curl less, heavier grommets, and corner pocket supports.  This would be the WTA logo with whatever additional lettering we would want.  This banner would be used for people to take photos against and for use of taking photos of trophies for the Trap and Field magazine.

Exterior southside clubhouse sign – John received a quote from KDR Woodworking out of Green Lake.  A sign in the shape of the state of Wisconsin approximately 7 feet high out of 2 inch thick white oak would be $3550.  This price does not include installation which he is willing to do.  This will be a full color replica of the WTA part of our logo against the white oak background.  John has seen his work and it is outstanding.  This would be a great asset to the exterior of our building.  Fritz has a picture of the exterior sign.  This would be outside with some possible rocks for photo opportunities as well.

Fritz received a quote to landscape outside the main building which was approximately $8000. He has asked for a picture of what it would look like before we can make a decision on.

YZ made a motion to have the Friends pay for the interior banner as listed above.  Tyler seconded.

Rhino made a motion to have John follow up and purchase the exterior sign with the Wisconsin logo.  Kevin seconded.  So carried.

 Old Business:

TV Responder/Antennae:
Kevin has not heard anything from Tom.  He doesn’t know what is going on. He was supposed to be in contact with him and Chops.

Target Management System:
Everything is disconnected until spring. The plan is to have a call in the spring with Bob Schultz to get everything set up correctly so they are working.

Fritz does not have anything back from Connie.

There is a chance to put in two more traps.  Fritz asked for some landscaping work to be done.  John Reeb is willing to do the work, but would not be able to do anything until spring.  Joe Needham looked at the area when he was here for the fall shoot.  Tyler has talked to his boss and has since talked with Joe.  He thought that Joe could come up and do the work yet this fall. He said that Joe would be willing to do the work and give us 10 to 15 years to pay it back with zero interest.  Joe asked if we could get a quote from a local contractor to try to compare a price.  He is not used to working in sand; they work mainly in dirt and mud in Iowa.  YZ asked if there was someone in the WTA that could give a quote on how much it costs to move a cubic yard of dirt, etc.  Fritz suggested that we table this discussion for right now.

Lead Reclamation:
Fritz had not moved forward on this.  The plan would be to reclaim after the state shoot.  Fritz will work on this.

Paver Project:
The Oftedals came in September and completed the cart path.  Glen will send them a formal thank you.

WTA Officials Expenses:
Fritz stated that we ask our board members to come to the state shoot and work all week for free.  This means that we ask those people to take off from their jobs to work at the shoot.  Taylor asked for her camper to be reimbursed for the state shoot.  Kevin stated that Taylor is a paid individual (treasurer) and the majority of the other board members are not paid and still pay for their own motel or camper.  .  Rhino stated the positions are volunteer and doesn’t expect to be paid.  As a comparison, Kevin is paid 2 nights to attend the Grand; he attends the Delegate meeting and is required to referee shoots off two nights. YZ stated that he is a volunteer and does this because he wants to and doesn’t expect to be paid.  He does not turn in mileage or expect to be reimbursed.  Fritz suggested possibly being reimbursed for some expenses, however, board members would have to incur the expense.  Al McCord suggested that all directors should receive something regardless if they incur expenses or not.  Taylor has pulled her request to be reimbursed for the camper.  The conversation about possibly paying the directors at least some sort of dollar amount for working the state shoot will be continued at a later date.

Skid steer Service:
Fritz stated that it will be approximately $5000 or $6000 to get it serviced this winter.  He will take it to a place in the Rapids.

YZ made a motion to get the skid steer serviced and repaired this winter.  Kevin seconded.  So carried

Fritz talked to a person that could make the brackets for the traps which would be about $2200.  They would be steel and powder coated.  These would be similar to what is used at the Grand.  Fritz will continue to work on this.  Amy asked if there is anyone in the WTA organization that does fabricating that could possibly make these at a cheaper cost.

50 Yard Stakes:
Fritz stated that years ago a vote was made to NOT have the 50 yard stakes.  The stakes are now out there again.  YZ stated it is much easier to set targets.  Rhino and LaVerne agreed.  Kevin stated it does assist with setting doubles as well.  Kevin stated there are too many people relying on those stakes and don’t take in consideration the wind factor, etc. and think people are shooting soft targets which they are not.  John stated that he has his own radar gun and stated that guns can vary even based on how the gun his held.

YZ made a motion to keep the 50 yard stakes.  Rhino seconded. So carried.

PA System:
Ken stated that we need to get connectors into a sealed box so they do not get wet.  He would like to take them to his house to work on them this winter.  They will be taken down today while winterizing.  He would like the transmitter box, which would mean the antennae would need to come down off the roof as well.  Ken will let Fritz know when he can come down to pick everything up.

New Business:

Nekoosa Kids:
Beth provided a written thank you to the WTA for the donation for the Giese fund.  The pavilion is built and the plaque will be put up and a dedication will be scheduled.

Beth and her committee will no longer be able to continue to provide the services to the WTA.  Beth prepared a letter regarding why this decision is being made.  February 2020, Beth came to the meeting and stepped up to follow in Brian’s footsteps.  In reviewing the year, it was her job to get the kids out here.  She stated they had the workers out here and the team leaders really made it a success.  Things that would need to be worked on would be the supervision of the kids and the training of them.  Beth works a full time job and could only be here part of the time.  Some of their team leaders gave up their full time jobs to be here for the state shoot.  The loss of Brian was a huge piece of this and he will never be replaced. Only two team leaders will be available for next year.  In 2016, 75% of the kids were from Nekoosa.  In 2021, under 30% were Nekoosa kids. They were able to get kids from Port Edwards and surrounding areas.  The pay for the kids will need to increase; anyone can get a job at McDonald’s for $13 to $15.  This year, about $75,000 of the $80,000 went to the kids for their work and bonuses.  After paying for meals, there is about $500 left for the sports programs.  Beth’s recommendation would be to turn over the kids and leaders to someone at the WTA to manage them.  Brian did that part and that piece is what needs to be addressed.  Training and supervision needs to come from a WTA person.  Beth would be willing to coordinate the Nekoosa kids but that would be it; it may not be her, but someone from the Nekoosa coaching staff or other areas in the district.  She suggested that the WTA provide a contract to the organization rather than them approaching us with a price.  She cannot sell it to the sports programs because she doesn’t know how much they can earn.  It has always been a good program for the kids and would like to see that continue.  With the loss of the head supervisor (Brian), Beth cannot replicate that.  Fritz said that we have a lot of work to do and will definitely be in touch with Beth to work through this.  Jim stated that he and Beth have talked and when you can’t do things right, it didn’t make them happy but they don’t want to continue in that path so it is best for them to ask to move the overall direction to the WTA.  Fritz said that he really appreciated Beth and her team stepping up to make the 2021 state shoot a success.  YZ asked if Beth could put some feelers out to see how many kids from Nekoosa would be interested next year.  Beth is willing to share any numbers that we would like.

Zone Shoots:
Amy read the email from Mitch Kuhn from Beaver Dam requesting that the zone shoots go back to flipping.  In previous years, the shoots were flipped every third year.  However, in 2021 the zone shoots were moved to the off weekends of the HSCTL and SCTP and the zones were not flipped.  Al is suggesting that we start flipping the zone shoots every year again.  Al suggested if there is a conflict with a club not being able to host they would work that out in the zone.  Kevin said typically if a club cannot hold the shoot that year, they would go to the back of the rotation line.  Al suggested dropping the minimum amount ($1800) because some clubs get a lot of shooters from out of zone.  He suggested having a set dollar amount such as $150 for the high shooter awards.  Kevin stated the minimum amount was set because originally zone shoots were put out for sponsors and then the club incurred no expenses and then drew the majority of the shooters.  Al is trying to make it easier and let the club decide how they want to break the money up based on in zone/out of zone, etc.   Al also suggested changing what zone you are in based on where your physical address is; not a post office.

Amy will prepare a five year list for the next meeting based on what weekends the zone shoots will be held, which clubs are hosting each year and when Father’s Day is.  The rotation will be reviewed at that time.  Janesville has requested not to have their zone shoot when the Illinois state shoot is held.  Once this is reviewed at the next meeting, Amy will plan to send out an email to all zone shoots and include the request from Al to change how the money is paid out.

YZ made a motion that your zone declaration is the shooter’s permanent physical living address, not a PO Box.  Tyler seconded.  So carried.

Shoot Date Projections:
State Shoot:

  • July 12-17, 2022
  • July 11-16, 2023
  • July 9-14, 2024
  • July 8-13, 2025
  • July 7-12, 2026


  • June 11 & 12, 2022
  • June 10 & 11, 2023
  • June 8 & 9, 2024
  • June 7 & 8, 2025
  • June 6 & 7, 2026


  • June 25 & 26, 2022
  • June 24 & 25, 2023
  • June 22 & 23, 2024
  • June 21 & 22, 2025
  • June 20 & 21, 2026

May Shoot – May 21 & 22, 2022

Fall Classic – Sept. 24 & 25, 2022

T-Shirts for 10th Anniversary:
Amy will ask if Fine Design can create a logo for us to use for our 10th anniversary; however, they will not be able to attend as we do not want to compete with them for t-shirt sales.  Chops is checking on a logo as well and YZ will check with his vendor.

Camp Host:
Fritz was given a link to possibly check out for future camphosts.  Amy has been talking with a few people as well.  Most have said they would not want to be tied in for the whole summer, but if there would be a few of them, it would be a lot easier to coordinate.  Bill said that he would be willing to come back to do some maintenance; however he would want to be paid.

Refund Policy:
This is in regards to a couple of shooters that wanted their money back at the fall classic.  Fritz talked to Michelle and she stated that the ATA rules are typically that you can be refunded for your targets but not for options.  Kevin stated that at major shoots typically only refund for gun malfunction, illness or a major emergency.  In the state shoot program, it states that no refunds are given unless an event is cancelled.  Ken will add a statement in the WTA program sheet stating no refunds unless an event is cancelled.

Rome Rifle/Pistol Range:
The Town of Rome Zoning Administrator has contacted Fritz as they do not have a location to qualify their staff.  They are willing to build a rifle/pistol range on our grounds.  The board is suggesting that it would be for official use only.  YZ suggested that we work with them and possibly get our EMT fee waived by making a deal on the range.

The compressor was picked up this morning.  Fritz was a bit disappointed with not enough help to get this done.  In the future, we will not hold a meeting on the same day.  It is just too much.

Badger State RV Rally:
They would like to have a rally at our grounds right after the state shoot next year. There will be approximately 40 campers for four days or more, and they would like to lease the building. They would be willing to work around the Cheesemaker event, which is scheduled for Wednesday of that week.  Amy will be working out the details with them.

Round Table:

Carla Bloesl has pledged $2500 for a shelter in memory of Mike.  The container was delivered.  The weekend shooting hours will end on October 31st.

YZ brought up a suggestion for calling a shoot off for weather related issues.  YZ suggested having himself, Fritz and Amy be the committee to make the decision to pull shooters off the line in case of bad weather.  YZ suggested that directors have to be present for a minimum of four events so that the same people are not always covering the events.

John stated that just about everything has gone up in price by 30%.  He suggested that if we need to buy parts, we may want to look at buying now.

Don would like to see more donations for the fall shoot to make it a premier shoot.  We had a large number of shooters and it would be nice to keep it growing each year.

Al would like to co-sponsor with Gateway Lodge and Gateway Gun Club $1000 for the WI Fall Classic.

She suggested having the WI Fall Classic a three day shoot; however, we cannot get the help that we need on Friday.

There about 100 people in Wisconsin that have PO boxes so the new change shouldn’t be a problem. He will make a time to come down and get the PA system.

Tyler asked when people bring personal UTVs and golf carts, is there a fee and no there is not.  Amy stated that this was brought up in the past and it was voted against collecting a fee.  Someone asked Tyler if a previous all state team member would like to purchase a leather bag if that is okay.  The shooter would pay for it on his own.  There would be no issues in doing this.  Tyler will be working with Kevin and Taylor on the 2022 all state team trophies.

Amy brought up the state shoot program and that we really need to start working on this.

Next meeting will be Friday, December 3, 2021 at 9am at Homegrounds.

YZ made a motion to adjourn.  Kevin seconded.  So carried.

Meeting adjourned at 12:29pm.