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State Shoot

The 2020 Wisconsin State Shoot will be held on July 14-19, 2020. Make sure to mark the date in your calendars. You may want to make accommodation arrangements early as this will be the same weekend as the water ski show.  See below for more information about events, programs, and other details.

Press Release – 2020 Wisconsin State Shoot – Click Here!!!!

2021 State Shoot Program

Updated Info for 2020 WI State Shoot

2020 State Shoot Program

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2015 Wisconsin State Shoot

Upcoming State Shoot Dates:

July 14-19, 2020
July 13-18, 2021
July 12-17, 2022
July 11-16, 2023

**The grounds will be open at 9am on Monday, July 13th for classification and squadding for Marathon Monday.

**State Shoot classification and squadding will open at Noon.

The WTA Annual Meeting will be held on Friday, July 17, 2020.  Shooting will start after the meeting is completed.  An announcement will be made on the PA system when shooting is starting.

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