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WTA Campground Policies

The WTA Campground policies are intended to be fair to our guests and yet prevent the loss of income to our business. We must depend upon advanced reservations. Once we reserve an RV campsite for you, we remove it from the market, turning down all other requests. In return, you will be expected to give advance notice of cancellations and reservation date changes. Also, you will be expected to pay for all of the nights you reserve, whether you stay the entire time or not. Cancellations due to inclement weather are not acceptable.

Hours of Operation

Homegrounds RV ParkThe WTA Campground is open annually May to September (weather permitting).  The hours of operation are 8:00 am to 8:00 pm Monday through Sunday (Special hours during holidays).  Check in Time is after 3:00 pm and Check Out Time is 11:00 am. Please adhere to the check in times and also help keep your site clean.  Quiet Hours are 11:00 pm to 7:00 am.  You may be asked to leave if you do not adhere to quiet hours policy.


  • A PROCESSING FEE of $7.00 will be assessed to all cancellations or re-booking date changes.
  • CANCELLATIONS within 30 days prior to your stay are transferable to another date, or will be fully refunded, but will be assessed a reprocessing fee of $7.00.
  • CANCELLATIONS within 14 days will be credited a refund of camping fees, minus the $7 reservation fee and a cancellation fee of $7, and also the first night’s camping fee.
  • CANCELLATIONS within 24 hours are non-refundable, but may be transferable and are up to the discretion of the WTA Campground Management.  If you have to cancel at the last minute please call (888) 704-6588.

RV-CAMPER SITE SELECTION:  Management reserves the right to adjust site bookings.  We will try our best to place you in the site that you request however; sometimes adjustments have to be made to accommodate special needs, large groups, or to plan for business needs.


Rates are subject to change without notice.  The current rates are posted on our rates page.  Any and all REFUNDS are up to the discretion of management.  The WTA Campground accepts CASH OR CREDIT CARDS with a 3% transaction processing fee on all credit card transactions.


Pets are welcome at the WTA Campground.  Please keep your pets on a leash at all times.  Pets are allowed to run in the designated area, please inquire with management.  Please clean-up after your pet.  You are responsible for their waste clean-up.  No pets allowed on the WTA Shooting Range restricted area while in operation.  No noisy pets, they are also subject to quiet hours 11:00 pm-7:00 am.

Fires & Firewood

Please keep fires contained to fire pits.  No unattended fires or grills.  Please ensure that your fire is completely out when leaving your campsite.  Firewood that has been in a Wisconsin EAB quarantined area is not allowed on properties outside of the quarantined area. Please buy firewood at the Camphost Site 168. If you bring your own firewood it has to be from within a 25 mile radius of the campground. For further information about the policy please call the DNR toll-free Firewood Hotline (877) 303-WOOD (9663) for information before packing for a trip.

For more information about firewood, please visit the Department of Natural Resources page about Firewood Facts, Rules and Advice.

Weather & Pests

When camping in Wisconsin you are in the natural environment.  You may encounter plants, animal, insects, pests, and adverse weather conditions.  Camping fees are NOT REFUNDED for events such as rain storms or outbreaks of mosquitoes, gypsy moths or other pests, unless the campground is closed.  You are expected to pay for the full duration of your stay.


The WTA is operating a shooting range adjacent to the campground, during normal range hours of operation possible noise from the shooting range may be heard.  No refunds will be given for noise.  The Wisconsin Range Protection Act covers the WTA for range operation.  The WTA Campground Quiet Hours are 11:00 pm. – 7:00 am.  The campground is spacious and nestled in the pines; potential noise will be kept to a minimum.


Firearms and concealed carry are welcome, however the WTA Campground PROHIBITS the DISCHARGE of firearms on the premise.   The Wisconsin Trapshooting Association actively promotes firearms safety and education at all times.  SHOTGUNS ONLY may be fired within the designated range area, with strict adherence to range policy, safety, and procedure.  No other types of firearms may be fired at the WTA Range, SHOTGUNS ONLY.

ATV & Trails

The WTA Campground requires that ATVs, UTVs, Golf Carts, and all motorized vehicles stay on the roadways, ATV Routes, or designated trails, and within the right of ways when crossing intersections.  No one under the age of 16 years old is allowed to drive on the facility without a parent or chaperone.