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  • in reply to: 2018 Fall Handicap Added $ #3383
    Dan Horkan

    I talk to when we meet and share my thought on Hillary and Ken Cerny.
    They both will smile at your face and stick it to u when your at a distance. Don’t say things you have back up
    This is like a kids game to you guys.
    Have in out.

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    Dan Horkan

    Wow. Was it.
    I’m on vacation you guys can chat about it. I’m sure it will all be make the WTA great again.

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    in reply to: 2018 Fall Handicap Added $ #3368
    Dan Horkan

    Thanks Ken for your advice as always. I’m not ashamed to say that and of all people to speak you should cast the first stone.
    That all I had to say after people calling me to read it and respond about the donations. I had someone a couple weeks ago ask me for money for the WTA. People can ask me but I can’t answer correctly to how I feel. This is why it was posted. Asking no for money. I just explained why I didn’t anymore.
    Have nice day.

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    in reply to: 2018 Fall Handicap Added $ #3359
    Dan Horkan

    I think you may want to ask why you lost your bigger money sponsorship.
    I always did it to support the WTA and to draw shooters, for no other reason.
    I know for myself and others we are struggling with donating.
    Kind of feel like when you want to linch the ones that were helping you maybe you should consider your tactics or how you show your appreciation.
    I wish you well

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    in reply to: Building #3220
    Dan Horkan

    Thanks Tate
    I was thinking something would’ve happed in the last month even if concrete was not poured

    in reply to: Aug. Minutes #2956
    Dan Horkan

    Well Ken I hate to burst your bubble but I don’t read this unless someone complains to me about what you guys are writing.
    I have other things to do like run my business or have fun than sit and look at this.
    You cant count all time I quit? I know what and why. I wont air the reason as I think that would be way more negative than what I said. It didn’t start with the current BOD either. I just wanted to say all the complaining you guys do is not great press. Maybe get outside of your circle and talk to people and see how they enjoy it. I had many complaints about things that you said and did during the annual meeting but I don’t run to the website and display it like you do. Most of us on the BOD have a business to run or work full time. This doesn’t leave a lot of time to have family time.. I have had a death in the family, 3 surgeries between 2 parents and a new granddaughter as well as helping settle my dads estate and helping my mother all the time which I live a hour from.
    I put her in the nursing home this week after another surgery and then went to the heartland grand while doing several things. With that said my plate is been more than full not to mention personal health issues.. I not sorry I fall short in your eyes. This the last thing I have to say. Its nonsense. There’s people here at the shoot that agree that its a joke.

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    in reply to: Aug. Minutes #2952
    Dan Horkan

    Well Don and Ken. Thanks for all of your support. Greatly appreciated. I’m sure why your so upset as I know Jim said you can step up Don and you stated health issues. Sorry to hear of them. But I have a boatload of Heath issues also. I stepped just because no one else has for the 2 years I was on the BOD.
    I have learned that if you aren’t pissing someone off there either mad because you made choices against there wishes or there jealous or both. If this drives you guys this crazy you need to find something to fill your day. I didn’t even know of this until a few people told me that you were back to normal complaining again.
    Have a great day.

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    in reply to: 2017 State Shoot #2803
    Dan Horkan

    Thanks Tim
    Got up Thursday we have been busy. I think the place looks great and should be the best shoot we’ve had. My grandson and I will practice shoot with Bill Martin tomorrow. It will be a hoot for sure..
    Tim get better fast.

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    in reply to: WTA Reg. Shoot payouts #2635
    Dan Horkan

    Well said Amy. As I’ve said before I don’t even look at this sight unless someone tells me to.
    I would suggest if you few people have nothing good to say just call each other or get together and talk about all of you negative feelings together and get it out of your systems.
    I pray we could get over the negative crap all the time.
    Have you ever thought of having a cup overflowing with joy or one with a hole in it.
    As far as I know Jim wants a paper trail which is what you do in s business. My term is up in July and so is Jerry K.
    I know he’s done we’re already short 2 now three directors. If I get out which would be my desire you our out 4 directors. There’s plenty of room for you all.
    Everyone wants to run from this because a couple years ago this thing was a bankruptcy do to the old board building something we couldn’t afford now we get to deal with it and you guys say I been there and done it. Yes you have done it.
    Don you said the forum was just a bunch of bitching. Yes you were correct but it’s all coming from a handful of people as you might know them please tell them to clean it up. If the shoe fits put it on.
    Have a blessed day

    in reply to: Decision On Denny #2413
    Dan Horkan

    Someone had shared these lovely cometary with me.
    I would just say this is not a trap shoot that’s run at another club.
    We received the position just after previous people had spent $1,300,000 on this place.
    The campground is basically a anchor that we have to cash flow. Not one of us would’ve built it but we get to figure it out.
    If we wouldn’t have had closed the checkbook to keep it alive.
    We haven’t been able to sit back and judge.
    I would as I said before if you have wonderful money making ideas we are willing to implement then. There are still bod positions. People say oh I’ve done it before. We things were different before.
    We couldn’t afford to pay anyone the kind of money the previous diccsion makes make from the get go.
    I guess what I’m trying to say as nice as I can is since I have been on this bod I spend more time worrying, wondering and listening to complaints than I do with my business that makes ten times what this place does because my business runs smoothly.
    It’s easy to be a couch quarterback without knowing we started with broken ribs, sprained ankles and many bruises and scrapes.
    He who can pick up the first stone please step up and share all your wisdom with us.
    I pray God blesses your day and opens your eyes

    in reply to: All State Team #2381
    Dan Horkan

    Congrats Guys and Gals
    I’m new to the sport so have never been on the team or thought of it. I just would like to give credit where credit is due..
    Great shooting to all of you.. Have a great year representing your teams and your state we are all really proud of you all… Again Great job

    in reply to: THANK YOU JOHN ATKIELSKI !!! #2201
    Dan Horkan

    I truly would like to say thanks to all that have ever moved the WTA forward. I’m a new shooter as if 2.5 years ago.
    I’m still learning about the past.

    I believe we all started this because we had a common interest and enjoyed this sport.
    We are to compete and also have fun.

    This has been the biggest financial mess I have seen since the crash in 2008-2009.

    Let’s try to go forward.

    That has been our entire goal with this present bod. We may make mistakes or forget to say thank you. So I’m saying it to everyone.

    Merry Christmas and happy new years

    in reply to: THANK YOU JOHN ATKIELSKI !!! #2199
    Dan Horkan

    Well Brad thanks for the information.
    I did read the post. The reason I replayed as a director as you well know people contact you to represent them and there thoughts.
    As far myself. I said it before and if I remember clearly ran into John at the grand and thanked him in a brief conversation also the second I heard of this I as well sent something privately in a email.
    Since I have been on the bod I have face to face thanked hundreds of people and always the first to thank the ones that can put in more hours than I can do to our business thriving by leaps and bounds.
    I have donated funds to every shoot since I have started shooting. But I do it to support the club not for recognition.
    We all like to be thanked from time to time but I hope if it was viewed that this new bod that had the state shoot dropped in our lap not to mention fixing many estate issues and no funding to work with. We raised money to install a sound system and got it in before the shoot barely but with this said. If we would’ve all not said thanks but I don’t believe that to be the case the 2000plus members could have said it.
    My point is when members complain to me and people are wining about the bod. Please step back in and show us how it’s done.
    There are 2 zone director positions available. You can say it’s the new bod driving them. Or is it that we have much more to dig out off. This place without a change would’ve been at bankruptcy. This season we are the closest to solvent as we have been in sometime. First great Job Amy for collecting the state shoot rent a season in advance not next year that was a game changer to the WTA
    Dewey and the rest of you and Amy volunteers you have done a fabulous job.

    in reply to: THANK YOU JOHN ATKIELSKI !!! #2197
    Dan Horkan

    Merry Christmas to all

    As far as all the other complaints I think you have way to much time on your hands to complain read every article and complain about all the things.
    I didn’t know John very well but did appreciate as of all others did everything he has done for this Organization.
    But it always comes to blaming everyone on the BOD now.
    If I see this correctly this BOD that’s here now hasn’t created the much larger problems such as spending $3,500,000 like there was no tomorrow. We have tightened the reigns and said we need to fight to keep it alive.
    There were all the complaints that this bod had no clue how to run a state shoot when bod members fled at last minute.
    I think we were up a molar 350 shooters and heard nothing but complements. John was a great help during this. Were you that are complaining all the time. Get a job or if your retired go enjoy yourself and have some fun and not take time out of our busy schedules to address this.
    Again I think everyone love Kohn I never heard one negative thing about him.
    This just lets you have a topic to wine about. We are looked big at putting up a new building within our means.
    Not one that will bankrupt us. There are like 2500 members please go find something else to complain about but not here.
    I didn’t even here about this until someone told me to look at it today.
    Wasn’t just sitting around reading forums today

    Again Merry Christmas

    in reply to: 2016 Fall Classic – Ray Moser Memorial October 7, 8 9 #2083
    Dan Horkan

    Thanks to folks for shooting the event.

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