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    Norb Hoff

    When is the WTA going to have a standardized classification for the Zone Shoots? I shoot the SE Zone and the target minimum requirements are the same as the State Shoot yet other zones have different requirements. Shouldn’t the classification requirements be the same across the board?

    If memory serves, back in the mid-90’s it was along the lines of 300-300-200. At the 2018 shoot I was penalized to A-24-A because the SE requirements were 500-500-300 and I didn’t have the targets yet the SW & NE minimums were different.

    I brought it up to one of our Directors and was told, “Remind me at the State Shoot and I’ll address it.” Not throwing anyone under the bus, the BOD members are too busy at the State Shoot to worry about the Zone so I thought now the BOD can address it, hopefully, before June.

    And as always, thanks to the BOD members, past present & future, for all the work you do.

    Don Mittag

    I think it is standardized. One zone just doesn’t conform. I to have asked our ATA delegate the last two years to look into it with no luck. The delegate is the person in charge of checking the zone programs.

    Tim Thompson

    Don is right. The Zones are standardized for classification purposes(target minimums, penalty, etc.) It’s supposed to be in the program. Also standards for what trophies must be awarded in the Championship events, specifically the Singles Championship as that ties in with the Champion of Champions Event with the Class Championship.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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