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    Mike Pigusch

    The 2d annual Ray Moser Classic is on 7-9 Oct.. The program flyer is posted on the WTA forum page. Link:http://www.shootata.com/Portals/0/pdf/programs/U127218_ProgramFileName.pdf

    and on the WTA forum page:


    I have heard there is a bunker trap program the same weekend and no shooter sign up or   volunteer needed information is posted on the WTA website.

    If there is a programed event at the WTA bunker trap the members of the WTA should be aware if that event by posting the event program on the WTA forum.

    Mike P

    Shoot Muscoda

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    Michael Werner

    Hi Mike,

    I am the one running the Oktoberfest Open Bunker Shoot – Although this is held at the WTA Home grounds it is run by myself, Perry Hintz and a few other coaches and volunteers. I really appreciate the fact you may want to volunteer and shoot as well. I am doing that and I am sure we can accommodate that for you.

    The fact that it wasn’t advertised to the WTA members thru the Website may be my fault and I will make sure I give the WTA the flyers and tear sheets to do this in the future.

    Please call me and I can get your email address to send you all the correspondence for the Bunker shoots Perry and I run. Including the Oktoberfest Open.

    Looking forward to you helping and trying out the bunker!

    Mike Werner

    847-420-3728 Cell

    Michael Werner




    Mike Pigusch

    To the WTA Board Members.:

    The shoot program is a requirement to inform all potential shooters of an up coming event.

    Any ATA club that has a registered shoot and uploads their program to the clubs ATA web page then can have the ATA send a broadcast email to all ATA members within the mileage indicated by the host club.

    On the WTA web site the “Shooting Events” forum page  is for any club that has a shoot to post a shoot. Registered or Non Registered.

    If any club has a problem posting a shoot registered or non-registered then send an email to your zone director or the webmaster, or forum moderator.

    Mike P

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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