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    Don Mittag

    Why is it that the Wisconsin State Trapshooting Assoc. can’t pay off prize money, and purses the day of the event?  It has been a week and still no prize money.  I was there.  Why don’t they pay off the day of the event like every other club in the world.  I am pretty sure the Otto’s after 30 plus years have it figured out.  So why does the treasurer demand that the shooters have to wait until he can write a check.  Especially if he isn’t going to be there.  This doesn’t make sense.  Extra time involved in the check writing, the envelope cost, the stamp cost and the cost of the check also.  Plus the aggravation of waiting to get paid.   I really doubt he how the purses and prize money was figured.  So the amount he writes the check for is the same amount the Otto’s would have paid out.  The report he gets would show who got paid and who didn’t.  So what is the problem?

    Brad Patterson

    Better to have pissed off shooters than happy shooters I guess is his philosophy. Makes no sense. Like you said, the Otto’s are very good and have done thousands of shoots. Should be a non-issue unless you don’t trust those doing the work. If that’s the case maybe the treasurer needs to be at the shoots to then do his job.

    Amy Jenkins

    Trusting the Otto’s was never a reason to not do pay outs at the shoots.  I am unsure why payouts aren’t done at the shoots, but I am going to guess….because there isn’t enough cash to do the payouts?  Again, only guessing, but we don’t leave a lot of cash at Homegrounds for obvious reasons.  I assume the majority of the shooters pay with check, therefore, we would not even have enough funds to do the payout that same day/weekend.

    As for Jim being at the shoots because it is HIS job…….remember, every person on the board is a volunteer.  The majority of us have full times jobs and a full time LIFE outsides the WTA; although, I’m not gonna lie, the WTA is my life right now and I was not able to be present for the May shoot either.

    Hate to speak for others, but I bet Jim would happily pass the Treasurer reigns to anyone that is willing to do the “job”.  Same goes for a Secretary.  We need one of them as well; I am covering as many of the duties as I can but I can’t do it all.  Oh and Directors, we are short them too.  But it seems no one is interested in any of these “jobs”; possibly because everything they do is never right, people complain and who wants to deal with all the negativity on a daily basis and get yelled at all the time.  For those of you that know me, you know that I try to keep the peace and keep things positive.  Some days that is hard to do……..

    Dan Horkan

    Well said Amy. As I’ve said before I don’t even look at this sight unless someone tells me to.
    I would suggest if you few people have nothing good to say just call each other or get together and talk about all of you negative feelings together and get it out of your systems.
    I pray we could get over the negative crap all the time.
    Have you ever thought of having a cup overflowing with joy or one with a hole in it.
    As far as I know Jim wants a paper trail which is what you do in s business. My term is up in July and so is Jerry K.
    I know he’s done we’re already short 2 now three directors. If I get out which would be my desire you our out 4 directors. There’s plenty of room for you all.
    Everyone wants to run from this because a couple years ago this thing was a bankruptcy do to the old board building something we couldn’t afford now we get to deal with it and you guys say I been there and done it. Yes you have done it.
    Don you said the forum was just a bunch of bitching. Yes you were correct but it’s all coming from a handful of people as you might know them please tell them to clean it up. If the shoe fits put it on.
    Have a blessed day

    Don Mittag

    First off no where in my post did I say anything about he or anyone else on the BOD needs to be there for every shoot.  I know EVERYONE has a life other than the WTA.  That includes the shooters that spend there hard earned money at shoots at the Homegrounds.  All I said was IF he was not going to be there things could be done different (payouts the same day).  IF he were going to be there he can write checks right there.  A simple fix would be to have a couple three hundred extra dollars in the start up money to help cover the payouts.

    And Dan.  You talk about being negative.  This BOD has done nothing but bash the past boards.  If it weren’t for them you would be shooting the state shoot at on 10 traps at Waukesha.  Oh that’s right you don’t know anything about Waukesha do you.  The only reason the WTA is any better off today than 5 years ago is due to Ray Moser.  Plus now you have one of the best shooting facility with campgrounds in the country.

    You talk about people bitching.  Well nothing has changed.  It has been this way for the 20 years I have been involved with the BOD.  In fact I would say it is even less now than before.  And I personally feel that it has nothing to do with the different BOD’s.

    I agree with both of you about the pathetic support given to the WTA by it’s membership.

    Yes Dan I have been there and done that and would do it again even with hind sight.  And trust me if it weren’t due to my health issues and having spent 10 time as much time on the BOD and working with the board and volunteering as you have I would most likely be back at it again.  If you feel you have been unjustly criticized  maybe you shouldn’t run again.  And yes the board is short people.  Ask yourself why you have lost people in the last year and a half or so.  Did it have anything to do with the fighting and bickering amongst the board.  Petty power plays.  Name calling.  The complaints from out side the board have not changed.  Maybe it was coming from inside.

    You mention the few people that have nothing but negative comments.  First off there are only a few people that use this site.  Next you consider everything that people say here as negative.  And like I already said, YOU never pass up a opportunity to bash the past boards.  This thread was started as a question.  So now you say we shouldn’t be able to question the BOD.  You were one of the directors that voted to bring the forums back.  I argued against it.  Well now you have it.  You got what you wanted.

    Have a blessed day

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    Brad Patterson

    First, I don’t need to be told that the BOD’s are volunteers. I am very well aware of that. I spent 10 plus years as both a Alt. Delegate and Zone Director . I also did 5 years as the tournament director for the state shoot. Trust me I get the commitment. Plus one of my duties was to manage an earlier version of the forum. Might not have liked or agreed with the answers or my opinions, but I always responded to the members when they asked questions. That doesn’t always happen now. In fact the only time you get a response is when the board members feel like they are being picked on.

    When I shot registered, if i was lucky to win any money it generally was paid to me on the day of the shoot. Now you don’t want to do that. Maybe if you came on the forum and explained the reasoning behind the decision on how your doing payouts, maybe it would have saved some problems.

    Last year, I was up to the homegrounds for two events, the SCTP State Championships and the 5 Man Team shoot. Each time, I made sure to thank the board members and special volunteers that were present and that I saw for their efforts.

    The current board were the ones that wanted the forum yet they never use it, truth be told not much has changed in that respect from board to board. My question is why do you even have a forum if you don’t want to use it ?

    You have made the point that you are running the board and the WTA as a business. Part of that responsibility is customer service. You read things in the minutes and how your doing business, it appears their is a trust issue. Might not be accurate but the perception is the reality.

    To the homegrounds, it is a very nice facility and everyone should want it t be a success. You can argue all you want about past mistakes, decisions by boards both past and present, and how things have and are being done. The members need the board but … the board needs the members too.

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