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    Dominic Bryngelson

    At a recent ATA shoot I was surprised to find out there was a WTA and there were dues/fees to pay to become a member.   I have only belonged to the ATA for 2-3 years and never heard about a WTA organization and that I was required to be a member to shoot in any Wisconsin ATA registered shoots.   I do not recall ever hearing from the WTA about membership or anything else for the matter via regular mail or email.  I found this website and it looks to be the one which represents the WI Homegrounds (WTA) but I find no membership sign up page.  Because I did not know about the required WTA membership fee at my latest ATA event I only had enough money to pay for one year membership.  Do you have a lifetime membership?  If so, how much is it and where do I sign up?



    Virgil Bomkamp

    Dominic, the cost for a lifetime membership is $150.00. The membership fees were just started this year. I believe you can sign up at any Registered shoot or contact Amy the WTA shoot cordinater. Virgil Bomkamp

    Don Mittag

    Dominic.  The WTA has been around for over 100 years.  They have had a web site for about 15 years.

    Have you been to a zone shoot or the State shoot.  It is really hard to believe that you have been to a reg. shoot without knowing that you had a state association.  You paid daily fee’s to that same association every time you shot.

    M. Peter Rustad

    That a boy Don, jump all over a guy that is fairly new to registered shooting and asking a simple question.

    Dominic, like Virgil said paid membership is new this year, you used to automatically become a member if you live in Wisconsin and joined the ATA. They did however always take fees for shooting.



    Al Maxey


    A quick suggestion on the membership fees.

    Add a page to the web site (maybe it’s already there and if so I apologize for missing it) so that WTA Membership fees could be done electronically. Use Paypal and if they charge you for it add that as a service fee to do so electronically. Printable receipt/record for proof of enrollment at various shooting events.


    Could also use a similar page for home-grounds donations.

    M. Peter Rustad

    Good idea Al, save some trouble and very convenient.





    Tim Thompson

    What could be more convenient than to pay the fee at your first shoot each year? By taking that possibility off site it would make it much more difficult for the WTA to handle the memberships since they are sent in with every shoot report plus you get your sticker on your plastic card right there. Why saddle the WTA with mailing out those stickers or make the host clubs have to deal with giving a shooter a sticker due to him or her having a receipt? It’s just another item the host club has to deal with in their report. Why make it more complicated?





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    Mike Pigusch


    Well said , The WTA is not ready for internet based payment system.  If some knows of an internet skills person who would like to donate there time and expertise and attend a WTA board meeting to make a presentation about internet based payment, Just contact your Zone Director about your presentation to get your name and subject on the agenda.

    Mike P  Shoot Muscoda  22 may 2016 email is in the system.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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