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WTA Membership collection issues?

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    Mike Pigusch

    WTA membership:
    Muscoda held their first registered shoot in which WTA membership fee was collected.
    Below are a couple situations that surfaced during the normal registration process.

    1.    An adult presented his blue ATA membership with no red dot. He jointed last fall and his red dot was attached to his WTA receipt. Should I have provided a 2d red dot for his new ATA membership card?

    2.    A junior show up and has his red dot attached to an orange card and not his blue ATA card, should a 2d red dot be attached to the other cards?

    3.    A third shooter shows and swears that he paid his $10.00. The 3S computer indicates he paid his current year membership what should we do?

    I am working on a instruction sheet on how to have the WTA membership paid within the 3S program and properly and separately indicated on the 3S finance report.

    Mike Pigusch

    I have just uploaded a 3 page pdf instruction sheet with images.

    This should help the clubs with 3S scoring program to be able to enter the administrative data for the state fee and verify that the Finance Report is correct.

    3S and State Fee pdf

    Mike P

    Craig Wojicechowski

    <b>Thanks Mike. Could you email this info to me at </b>


    We have a shoot at Weston Trap next weekend and would like to use your info.

    I can not get it to show up on the forum.



    Mike Pigusch
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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