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WTA Meeting 2 Apr 16

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    Don Mittag

    I know Jim thinks he should have a vote at meetings but if the treasurer and Sect. get to vote they would have to be elected like the rest of the BOD.  They cannot be appointed.  They have to report to the people that voted them in not to the person that appoints them and the could not be paid.  You would have to make a lot of changes to the by law that would have to be voted on by the general membership.

    Personally I see no need for these two positions to have a vote.

    Dewey this is just a point of order.  Dwight is not a voting member of the BOD and therefore cannot make or second a motion.

    Does everyone know, and this includes the Nekoosa coach, that there is a video that was make by Adam and I believe it is on youtube.com for the purpose of training makers and loaders?  A lot of hours went into making this.  I hope it gets used.  Fritz knows more about it because he was one of the stars in it.

    Question on the PA system.  If you only put 8 speakers on the trap line and you find that this isn’t enough can more be added later.  Personally I think you could get by with 12.  Just leave off the two end speakers.  And you may want to add or some how have some temporary speakers in the middle so when the shoot offs are being called and most people are near the center or where the shoot off table is it can be clearly heard.

    Did anyone talk to Paul Becker to see if the raffle that you are talking about will interfere with his fund raiser on Friday night.  Why would you not.  Paul is and has been very helpful in raising funds in the past and I know he was planning on doing the same again this year.  Also last I heard he had this years fund raiser money ear marked for the PA system.  Not sure about this but you should talk to Paul.  Why tick him off too?

    Another question, and I really don’t care either way, but why are you changing the date for your fall shoot yet again?

    Thinking back to the March meeting Kevin mentioned about Presquad and only 2 banks should be opened up.  That is a must.  But not for all days.  Tuesday yes.  Wed open a couple more and Thur. a couple more and so on.  You can’t just open 2 towards the end of the week.  And also he is correct.  You do have a 3 year contract with Michelle.  I don’t remember if it was the first year plus 3 or 3 including the first year she did it which was 2014.

    What was the discussion about the food vendors.  Having a good variety of vendors is a must.  One of the biggest complaints at WGC was that lack of variety.  One vendor just wouldn’t fill the needs of the shooters.

    Food for thought when it comes to setting spending limits make a few limits.  One for individual directors, one for the BOD, and one that the BOD needs to go to the general membership.

    Don Mittag

    Dan I guess the minutes were wrong then.  That isn’t what the coach said?

    Better get used to me being the WTA cop.  As a very active member I have every right and a duty to see that things get handled properly.

    Dan Horkan

    That’s is what the coach said not what I said. It’s not worth the time to argue with you. Have a great day and be blessed

    Dan Horkan

    The coach know of the video and has used it.
    Have a great day

    Dan Horkan

    The coach is no longer employed buy the school district they just called me to start a relationship to go forward. They didn’t even know Most of what he did financially. Guess Don we don’t need to spend time on that subject. Let it go

    Dan Murphy

    I would like to see public record of the directors’ reasons for resigning if they offered them up. These should be documented in the meeting minutes unless the person resigning doesn’t wish for their reasoning to be known.

    Also, at the end of the minutes it appears as if an election took place, and I’m curious if there was a quorum as defined by the association by laws. I’m not necessarily for or against the folks who were elected, but if it didn’t happen legally then it is null and void until there is a quorum.

    Dan Horkan

    Why does everyone seem to assume the worst for everything being done. In the past few years the BOD had spent somewhere around 3.5 million dollars and everyone sat back and did nothing but watched is heading deeper in dept.
    now you have people that want to pay down debt and drop our monthly expenses and everyone thinks the New BOD is doing something wrong. The vote was legal so that isn’t a issue.
    I would like to see us work in one common direction to save our great shooting facility.
    If we would keep doing what things the way they were being done. We wouldn’t have to worry about anything as it would’ve been over.
    When 2 meeting ago there was talk about a building for $400,000.00
    No one said a word. If we didn’t change directions we would’ve had would been the bankruptcy court building.
    Now we are heading in the direction of paying down this debt and cutting our payments probably in 1/2.
    I have never seen this so backwards. Please try to look at it as our cup is half full not half empty. We are going the rite direction believe it or not.

    Dan Murphy

    Actually Dan, the minutes only show nominations and seconds to the nominations, followed by a dissent and then say “so carried.” Was there even a vote? If so who voted yea and who voted nay? You saying “the vote was legal” does not prove it to be so. As a member of the WTA, I am requesting evidence of this.

    Also, the bylaws state that written notice is required to be submitted for the resignation of any board member/officer of the organization. It sounds like you received that from Glenn via email, but it’s not clear if this was received from Bill. If he has not yet submitted a written resignation, then he is still the acting President of the organization and the nomination/election that took place for President is null and void.

    You may respond to me here or by sending me an email at deadpair@gmail.com. Thank you.

    Dan Murphy

    I just want to be clear about something. I very much want to see the board succeed at everything they do because it means that the WTA will also succeed. But the bylaws are a legally binding document that must be adhered to in order for the association to exist. IF there was an election that took place that was not in accordance with the bylaws, then corrective action needs to be taken so that a new election can be held in compliance with the bylaws at the next meeting or at a special session of the board of directors. All of this needs to be recorded and documented with detail so evidence can be produced on demand (either by the membership or any auditors who might come knocking).

    Also, it is imperative that every single director and officer of the association be familiar with the bylaws and have them at their fingertips. This is no different than the ATA Delegate needing to be familiar with the ATA Rulebook. It’s part of the job.

    We all know being a director is a thankless job, but it is also one of great responsibility to the association. This responsibility must be embraced and be a guiding principle for everything the board does.

    Dan Horkan

    Hi Dan
    I understand you would like to have everything legally performed. So do we. We had a very unique circumstances getting to this event. We will do our best to go forward representing the WTA.
    For myself and the rest of the board I believe that all I have is the best interest of the WTA in my sights as this job pays nothing and with a company to run I have not done this for fun or because I was board with nothing better to do.
    So I would ask please trust that we are trying to do the best we can.
    Please come to the meetings and see for yourself
    Thanks Dan

    Dan Murphy

    I’m not at all questioning the intent of you or the other directors. I trust that you all have the best intentions for the association. But legally, you are bound to the documents that define our association. Much like the government is bound to the documents that define our country. If something wasn’t done right, you need to go back and do it correctly. If you screwed something up while running your business, would you just ignore it and not correct it because your intentions were good at the time?

    Assuming the election was invalid, your situation is this. The President is absent from his post because he didn’t resign in writing, and the 1st Vice President resigned so his post is empty. That means the 2nd Vice President is the acting official for the organization. You can still do stuff in this model (the bylaws are pretty clear about this). You have a newly nominated director from the N/E zone, so your board consists of 7 zone directors and the ATA Delegate. Your quorum is 5. You can call a special session or wait until the next scheduled board meeting to attempt to gain a quorum and sort things out legally. This could include removing the absent President from his post (assuming he still hasn’t submitted written resignation) and then nominating and electing new officers of the organization.

    How to do all of this stuff is defined in the bylaws. If you’d like any help interpreting the document, I would be willing to offer my opinion.

    Dan Horkan

    We will make sure it is handled correctly rest assured.
    As per my business it would be handled properly.

    Paul Becker

    Good day to all   I am Paul Becker and was appointed to be the WTA Fundraising coordinator.   Would like to thank all of our WTA members past and present.  We are hitting some bumps in the road. We are blessed to have a great place to shoot and are admired across the country for our home grounds.

    I for one is guilty as the rest in saying we should of, could of and the way it is.

    So let us all please put positive energy to move what we have forward.  With that said

    Join Friday night for good old fashion Wisconsin perch lunch followed by event

    We will start with the Zauhar Family Heads or Tails game   Bring a $20 so you can interact with this for a chance at $500

    Our Guest auctioneer Illinois ATA Delegate Dave Dessler will entertain and sell our Live auction items

    YZ, Chops and the gang will handle the Mega ammo raffle that was so wonderful last year

    And there will be more!

    For any one wanting to give or questions   Paul Becker  920-323-2836 pbecker@riversidefoods.com

    And Please let us move foward

    Dan Horkan

    Just note that the scramble has been removed from state shoot for this season do to negative responses. Happy shooting

    Don Mittag

    I asked this question before and got no answer.  I really don’t care when it is as I may or may not attend the shoot but with all the negative feed back the board got about changing the date of the fall shoot no one has said why the date was changed yet once more.

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