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WTA Meeting 2 Apr 16

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    Dan Horkan

    I think it’s a matter of opinion. I think many peopl thought it was a great meeting.

    Dan Horkan

    Also many people have stated how they love the new forum I think it’s great.

    Amy Jenkins

    I agree with Dan.  I was at the meeting, I took the minutes and thought the meeting ran very smoothly, considering the resignations at the start of the meeting and no agenda to follow.  I guess I didn’t hear any Directors say anything stupid.

    Don Mittag

    Amy.  Do you think Jerry K’s comment to Jeff Mainland weren’t out of line”?

    If ” many people” like the new forum why is there only about 5 or 6 people the use it.

    From what I have learned about the meeting it may have been only the BOD that thought it went well.

    I understand the coach from the high school that supplies the trap help was there.   Why was he there Dan?  Was it because you were asked to contact him and address his concerns about the pay amount for this years State shoot?  He had asked for a raise and you went to them and told them that the WTA was cutting their pay by 30% and if they didn’t like it you had other organizations wanting the job.  And you told him that without having the approval of the BOD to tell them that and without having a back up plan for trap help.   Is that correct?  What would you have done if he told you to shove it?

    Also at the meeting Jerry Kaszynski told Jeff Mainland of Kolar that the Kolar raffle would have went just as well if they had used a Browning.  Really?  You say that to a gentleman that just DONATED a $19,000 gun.  And you didn’t have to do anything.  You didn’t have to have tickets printed, didn’t have to sell any tickets or anything and a DIRECTOR has the nerve to say something that stupid.

    The treasurer who tells a woman that is excellent at her job as the head cashier and knows everything that is needed  to get the cashiering done for the state shoot in a timely manner that she is not needed any longer.  He tells Theresa that she could work in the food tent.  His daughter is going to be the head cashier.   And after telling the BOD that his daughter will not be able to run the food stand that her school ran and shared the profit with the WTA because she got a different job or moved or something.   But now she can be the head cashier?  My thoughts are the head cashier and the treasurer should not be related.  I am not accusing anyone of anything but it just seems like good sense.

    I also heard that the BOD decided to do something to tick of Paul Becker.  A man that has done a great job raising money for the WTA.

    Are you trying to get ride of everyone that has done something good for the organization and have some knowledge about how to run the State shoot?  You are doing a good job.

    These are a couple of things that I have heard about.   I wouldn’t call it a good meeting.   I wouldn’t call a meeting good when the harassment of other directors got to the point that you have people resigning.

    You have one person with a good amount of experience running a shoot the size of the state shoot and one with a year under his belt.  The rest have no experience.  The State shoot doesn’t run itself.  There are a lot of things that need to get done before the shoot.  There are two shoots before the State shoot.

    I wish you a lot of good luck.  You are going to need it.


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    Dan Horkan

    Well Don I think your only hearing the story from one side. I didn’t say anything like that to jeopardize the shoot. I asked if they could do the shoot for $25,000.00 and was told he would call me back in about a week after talking to other coaching staff.
    I heard 4 different story’s of what I said but not one was the truth. The truth was we needed to cut our budget.
    Don’t assume things you weren’t a part of.
    I have done and taught sales for years. I hope you would understand there are 2 sides. Enough said I don’t feel like playing games Don.
    My goal is to go forward and see the WTA get out of debt and we have chose to go that direction.

    Brad Patterson

    I guess with regards to the shoot if you try to lower the cost to the teams are we lowering pay in relation to the other positions. The most important position is the trap line help. Poor help that doesn’t do their job can cause issues, unhappiness of the shooters, integrity of the shoot, mistakes in scoring which impact previous two thoughts, don’t pay fairly, you don’t get enough kids especially returning kids which are crucial in subsequent years as you then get overlap between new and old. In fact, the each kid on the trap line should get the same amount each person sitting in the air conditioned pods cashiering and squadding are earning for the week. (and I didn’t even mention the conditions – weather wise the kids are exposed to)

    I think it will be interesting to see where the “new board” takes the organization. There no doubt will be change and change while it can be difficult, it might just end up being a good thing. Yes watch the bottom line, but also keep an eye on our past traditions and be good partners with our sponsors. Trapshooting needs to look forward and that most likely will need change away from the “it’s the way we’ve always done it”. If you want to get the sport “younger” figure out a way were a shoot doesn’t take all day. Today’s person doesn’t go to a event for a whole day, they have to many interests and not enough time. There is a reason why sporting clays is so popular, try talking to that group to see what they are doing. Not everything may transfer to work, but I’m sure some things will.

    If nothing else … it’s an interesting time period for trapshooting in WI.

    Dan Horkan

    Hi Brad
    We still have the same trap help so we should be fine.
    I never wanted to get rid of someone that’s doing a great job. We just were trying to get our budget more manageable. It will be nice to not worry every day about finances.
    It should be a great season.

    Dan Horkan

    I didn’t hear anything about a browning and Jerry
    I don’t know. Maybe I was at a different meeting

    Amy Jenkins

    Don – per your comment:

    Amy.  Do you think Jerry K’s comment to Jeff Mainland weren’t out of line”?

    Like I said earlier, I took the minutes at the meeting.  No where in the meeting that I attended did I hear any “out of line” comments made by Jerry K to Jeff Mainland.  Not sure where your information came from, but the minutes will reflect what was discussed at the meeting.  I will get these minutes posted as soon as I can; hopefully within a day or so, so that all of this heresy can be put to rest.    Thank you

    Dan Horkan

    Well said Amy. That’s like the comments about Jims daughter with cashiering. It wasn’t brought up either. From what I know she is teaching at the college may come on the weekend to shoot. Well I supposedly told the coach 4 different story’s that came back to me. The truth was I didn’t make any of the statements that I was blamed for.
    Apparently we are guilty until proven innocent.
    New rules.
    Don’t guilty till proven guilty.

    John Atkielski

    The minutes for the April 2, 2016 WTA Board Meeting are now posted in the News section.

    Jim Kroeplien

    I know Don’s not happy about the forum working. I wish he would have been at the meeting to get the information straight. The comment I made was that Theresa commented at the last meeting she was willing to run the food stand instead of cashiering. Part of Don’s comments are correct, but that what gets people in trouble. Rachel is NOT going to do the food stand because of a new job, so guess what, she NEVER offered and I NEVER said or she could even do the cashiering job because of her schedule. She is hoping to make the shoot Friday through Sunday. I did say that I have an individual willing to do the secretary job and possibly the cashiering job if it became available. I called and left a message for Don to resolve this issue and give the correct information but he has not called me back. Please call a board member if you need any information, we are posting meeting minutes as fast as possible.

    Dan Horkan

    Hi Folks

    I was contacted this morning to post a note for Jerry K.

    Jerry K I guess made a statement joking about a Browning for the fundraiser in fun and didn’t mean anything serious at all about it.

    He wanted me to write this note to everyone and especially Jeff Mainland that he is very sorry that he made the comment as it was in fun but was most likely taken differently.

    So he wants to send this out saying he is very sorry if he has affended anyone at all and say thank you to Jeff Mainland and Kolar Arms for all of there help in the past and future.

    He hopes that you could except his deepest apologies.

    Sincerly Jerry K

    Don Mittag

    So Dan and Amy.  I guess that Jerry is saying he didn’t say anything like you both said.   He needs to apologize to Jeff Mainland not to the public.  For what Jeff and the Kolar company have done for this organization they are owed that much.  This is not the way it should be handled by Dan making a statement.  I know he doesn’t have a computer but he should be making a phone call.  I know he has a phone.

    Dan if you didn’t say anything to tick off the coach like I said what was he talking about in the minutes?  I guess that must have been the second side of the story.  So who was telling the truth?  It sure looks like someone is guilty.

    Jim.  I was at the meeting when Theresa resigned.  Not sure if it was you or someone else sitting close to you that asked her if she would still be the head cashier and it sure looked like and sounded like she said yes.  When did she change her mind.  Or was it changed for her.

    Dan Horkan

    This is the last I’m going to say is since talking to Jeff. This was not even said at the meeting.
    He said he would’ve called if he had a issue he just is more than willing to help in anyway.
    Don idk what you know not being there you seem as if you want to start a fight for no reason. It’s not your place to play WTA cop.

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