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WTA Meeting 2 Apr 16

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    Mike Pigusch

    How come we still can not get a draft of the meeting to be held in approx 38 hours and no one knows the major topics?

    How can I ask my Zone Directors to speak for me or what my comments are on scheduled topics when the major topics of the scheduled meeting are not posted because of there being (hidden, unknown, not important to members, to be determined [TBD],  the other reasons are belligerent).

    Please give me an idea of why I am traveling 100 miles for something that I like, but have no I have no idea how to properly form a comment to a board item without what the subject is being discussed.

    Providing a basic agenda allows all members (now paid ) of the WTA to research the topic items and the make their point of view known to their Zone Directors prior to the meeting.

    That’s my 2 cents on missing agenda.

    Mike P






    Mike Pigusch

    The meeting was held and there were a number of major changes made.

    1. Two board members resigned pending proper letter of resignation.

    2. The dates and Name of the Fall Classic were changed, see the shoot calendar for 7-9 Oct.

    3  It was agreed that the WTA $10.00 membership money (red dot money) should be sent with your portion of the registered shoot report that goes WTA Shoot Coordinator (Amy) and can be included in the same check.

    I left early. (2pm)

    Brad Patterson

    Never a dull moment in the WTA ……

    Dan Horkan

    Hi folks
    Well It was a interesting meeting today to say the least.
    I really felt like we had a good meeting today even considering we had a rough late start.

    Dewey (Jerry Farnsworth) is acting President now. I thought he did a great job not knowing what or if there was a agenda.

    I think was some great things discussed and voted on. I hope and pray we can sell the commercial property on Highway 13. Also we are going to sell Rays house and pay down the not with the sale of that also.
    I know I have heard at least a hundred times about our debt. These are very positive steps paying down debt and not spending money we don’t have. We have agreed to keep paying down the Summit Credit Union note with Rays funds which will save us loads of interest immediately every month as soon as we could get the funds released.

    We are also entertaining a concession stand so we could raise money to help make payment out of proceeds from food, water and soda sales.

    I believe we have been heading the wrong direction for some time now I think if we go this direction and work as a group of friends and we are open and honest we can go forward.

    I hope we can put the past behind us and go forward as a team like a well ordered machine.

    I hope that you would please drive forward with us!!!

    Team WTA can and will be one of the premier shooting facilities in the upper midwest. Let’s fight for it like a winning team.

    We are kind of like a football team with 3rd down everyone’s tired and beat up. But our hard work and dedication can get us a crossed the line for a first down and then a winning touch down.

    We can win this one!!!
    Be blessed

    James Droster

    Thank you for this update  and it is nice that someone is able to tell the members who may read this site, what’s gone on and what may be ahead for the membership .

    Thank you for your time and everyone else who was able to be there .


    Don Mittag

    In what way are you ” paying down the Summit loan” .  Using all of Rays investments?  Some of the investments?  What did Summit say you can do with Rays estate? Ray’s house is only worth a little over a hundred thousand dollars.  Won’t do much to lower the loan.

    The concession stand was discussed at the meeting before last.  What has changed?  How much of a payment do you really think it would make?  Who is going to run it?

    Who resigned?

    Who wasn’t open and honest and about what?


    Dan Horkan

    The house is sold and will be closed in 10 days.
    The intire investment account will be transferred and paying down the note as it was collateral for the loan.
    The concession stand was discussed and Jims wife said she would manage it if need be.
    As far as being open and honest just means there will be transparent so members see what’s going on because in the past no one ever knew what’s going on and it helps having members at the meetings to be involved.

    Don Mittag

    Meetings were always open and transparent.  As for members not showing up at meetings before it seemed they trusted the BOD more.  All the directors would answer any and all questions.  If I didn’t have a answer I would find the answer.

    So who resigned?  This would be a good place to be transparent.

    What did we get for the house?



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    Dan Horkan

    Bill and Glenn possibly Pat

    Brad Patterson

    Boy oh Boy Don….  You got off the board and now 48 hours after the meeting your demanding all the answers. Welcome back to the other side. No worries, it seems the new group will post on the site and I’m sure that they’ll get the minutes up within the next 14 days.

    Dan Horkan

    Hey Brad
    Amy say in as Secretary and we had the minutes to approve yesterday but not sure how it goes from there if it goes to Threasa or not there were very detailed because she wrote them as the meeting was going on.

    Amy Jenkins

    The minutes are currently being reviewed by the BOD.  As soon as I receive all of the revisions, I will send them so that they can be uploaded to the site for everyone to view.  Thanks

    Don Mittag

    From some of the information I got tonight I am sure people will be asking a lot of questions.  If the information I got tonight is correct there are a lot of people that need to do a lot of explaining.

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    Tate Barwald

    <p style=”text-align: center;”>What information did you get Don?</p>

    Don Mittag

    When I get all the facts I will be back.

    With this nice new forum we are getting less info than I had been putting on the blog.

    Also Brad I was not asking about the minutes.  I totally understand how much time is needed to get them on the web site.  I under stand that the Sec has a life and it takes time to type things up and then send them to the BOD and then wait for them to NOT send her a response and then post them on here.   So I am not asking for the minutes.  From what I under stand there where some things said and done by a couple directors that if true were very stupid.

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