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    The WTA Board has asked me to posted the current WTA By-Laws. The PDF document for can be opened by clicking on the link below.

    Current WTA ByLaws

    The Board has also asked that the following updated, proposed by-laws be posted for your comments. This PDF document can be opened by clicking on the link below.

    Updated, Proposed WTA By-Laws

    Please review these two documents and comment your thoughts, questions and concerns in this topic thread. The goal is to increase transparency and clear up any confusion regarding the functioning of the WTA.

    Thank you very much!

    WTA Webmaster

    Dan Murphy

    What is the significance of the highlighting in the first document?



    Mike Pigusch

    If the WTA holds a Tax exempt status where are the bylaws/rules/documents that cover that authorization. What was the reason we obtain the tax exempt status?  I would like to see all the rules/agreements in one place before we start making any changes to any written document.


    mike P

    Don Mittag

    Mike the main reason for the 501 c3 was so that donations would be tax deductible.   There are other tax reasons for the WTA too.  There are other issues that it creates too.

    Ann Kasten

    Figured out how to edit, but only after I had posted (original had all sorts of HTML tags etc)

    Working on getting get smarten’d up on how this forum works.

    Please see my re-typed post for my request. ATK

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    Ann Kasten

    Re-typing..I see my copy and paste included all the HTML stuff and I’m not sure how to delete a post.

    Would it be possible to post the Articles of Incorporation? I’ve come across several references to these in the Bylaws and am trying to make the respective cross references.

    Thank you.



    Ken Cerney

    Ann,   One thing I ran across was Sec. 3.03 (c) membership in the WTA should be added to Qualification for office.

    Ann Kasten

    Nice catch! I made a note on my copy for discussion.

    One of the sections that is confusing to me is how the quorum section 2.06 is defined for member meetings.

    The ‘current’ Bylaws Section 5, in my opinion clearly defines it as a minimum of 15 paid WTA members. Which is easy to identify by a glance at those in attendance.

    The ‘proposed’ to me has a much broader set of criteria, that I’m not so sure is realistic to expect, followed by what appears to be guidance on how to work around that. Kinda murky to me.

    To add to my confusion, is the leading line which references …except as otherwise provided in the Articles of Inc…

    Hope to be less confused about this and a couple other items after the meeting tomorrow!



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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