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What/Who are the Freinds of the WTA???

Index Forums General Information What/Who are the Freinds of the WTA???

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    M. Peter Rustad

    Can someone please tell me what the FOWTA is all about and who is involved in It?

    Pete Rustad

    Amy Jenkins

    The FoWTA are made up of: Paul Becker, John Coniff, Jeff Recob and Jeff Mainland.

    They are an organization that will fundraise for the WTA. The have their own 501-C3 status.

    M. Peter Rustad

    So they are a fund raising committee for the WTA? Is the board involved with how the funds are generated and spent?

    Brad Patterson

    Interesting discussion regarding the FotWTA on the recent posted minutes from the recent teleconference meeting.

    I think the Friends is a great idea and gets fundraising away from the WTA BOD’s responsibility. The WTA board should be responsible to host a state shoot, govern the zone shoots, in recent years run a gun club and assist the clubs as needed to run registered events. The FotWTA to me is like a booster club to a school. It should be separate entity, that the WTA board has no control or governance over. They should be able to pay their own bills, pay their own taxes, run the 501c component of their group, obtain their own raffle license, etc.

    The WTA then makes requests when they need help improving or building new things for the state organization. (example – light for trap fields at home grounds) not to ever pay WTA bills or general operating costs.

    I do believe the FotWTA should have at least a 7 member BOD’s to govern their affairs. They should have to post minutes of their meetings and be very transparent in their affairs.

    The WTA most likely will not be in favor as they will not have control of the money but if all the parties are in in for the right reason, to better the organization and the membership, it should be fine

    Dick Otto

    Excellent description of what FoWTA is Brad. However, if you read the minutes of the last BOD teleconference there are significant problems between the organizations. It appears that the WTA BOD is insisting they want full possession and control of the monies collected by FoWTA. The FoWTA wants to have a say as to how these monies are to be spent in order that they go for items to enhance the Homeground and not for general expenses. In my opinion the FoWTA is entirely within their rights to want input on how the funds are spent. I further believe that if the WTA BOD insists on full control of the funds, that the FoWTA may decide they no longer want to be “Friends” and let the BOD do their own fundraising. Since donations by shooters to the WTA appears to have dried up, severing relations with FoWTA would be disasterous to our organization.
    In order to continue growing, the WTA needs the Friends – not the other way around!!

    Ken Cerney

    Brad the FoWTA is exactly that a BOOSTER CLUB which like Dick states the WTA needs. The FoWTA raised a lot of money in a short time which is hard to do but they did it. Congrats to them they worked hard for it. Now as a separate organization They have the right to control the money raised and let it out for what projects they see fit and will do the most good for the Homegrounds. We all like to see the Homegrounds continue to grow and improve. The BOD needs to get along with the FoWTA and work for the betterment of all the members of the WTA.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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