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    Good Evening Everyone,

    You may have noticed in the last couple of weeks that there have been times when the News page was not displaying properly. This is due to some people infiltrating our host server files and inputting files that do not belong there. There does not appear to be any viruses or malware, but if you get a page that does not look like our site or simply lists some links, please do NOT click on those links.

    To help us counteract these hackers, I am asking that when you are done using the forum that you make sure you log off of our website. By remaining logged in, even if you close your browser, it can leave a small opening for hackers to get into our site.

    Thank you all for your help in this matter and please do not hesitate to email me (at webmaster@witrapshooters.com) or use the Contact Us form to let me know of any unusual pages you may come across.

    Thank you again!

    WTA Webmaster

    Dan Murphy

    It’s probably not happening on the user side of things. This website is built using WordPress, which is very hackable if certain security steps aren’t taken by the owner of the site. Take a look at this article for suggestions on how to harden the security of a WordPress site:¬†https://codex.wordpress.org/Hardening_WordPress



    I agree, this probably has nothing to do with the users, but I wanted to get the information out there, just to cover all our bases. I am checking in to the security of our hosting company now as well.

    Thank you for sharing the link, it was very informative. As much as I like WordPress for its ease of use, the drawback is that it is more hackable. We just have to remember to maintain our security as best we can.

    Thank you again!

    WTA Webmaster

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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