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Trap Shuffle at State Shoot

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    Ken Cerney

    Thanks John for the post and Thank you WTA Board for seeing the light on this.

    Andy Hall

    John thanks for posting information. Thanks to the board for their quick response on the shuffle concern. Very happy we’re not going to have it.

    Dick Champeau

    I would also like to acknowledge the BOD for not implementing the trap shuffle. For the shooter, it is a comfort knowing that their fields will not be moved around and they can plan accordingly. Wise move on our leaders part.  Limiting the number of traps early on through Pre-Squading can help alleviate the congestion on the East end.  Open more when the early squads have been inked in.

    Don Mittag

    I know it h as been reversed but John posted that the BOD decided at the last meeting to do the shuffle.  My question is if after reading the minutes of that meeting several times am I missing something?  I don’t see anything about it in the minutes.  How did you see it John?  If it was talked about then why didn’t someone with experience speak up and explain that it didn’t work then and most likely wouldn’t work now.  What am I missing?

    John Atkielski


    My initial post on this said, “Subsequent to the WTA Board Meeting on April 2, 2016, the Board voted to institute a trap shuffle for the 2016 Wisconsin State Shoot.”

    This decision by the Board took place after the Board Meeting on Saturday, April 2. I can only assume on either Sunday, Monday or Tuesday.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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