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    Don Mittag

    After reading the minutes for the last teleconference it has three different amounts to be paid to the kids for different shoots, and if there is a special day or something at the state shoot.  Could I ask someone to explain this?  They should be doing a excellent job no matter which day or the type of shoot.  Why this difference?

    Also I agree with Tate.  The number of kid there was to many.  They need to be taught that they can be loading as the shooters are on the line.  At one of the Reg. shoots I loaded three houses for doubles by my self as the shoot was being held.  If a old fat man like me can handle three houses a young football player should be able to handle two.  It’s not that tough.  So if you were running 30 traps you would need 45 scorers and loaders.  If you had 10 relief people for breaks and lunches and such I would think that would be plenty.  So at $60 per day that would be $19,000 base.  Add your other things or donations to the school.  What does that bring you up to?

    My thought on the other shoots.  Except for the big shoots where you need all the traps why is the school even involved.  Never mind I answered my own question.  The volunteer, employee thing.

    Brad Patterson

    I would recommend to any kid not to touch the job for less than $100 a day. Then I’d make sure before I take the job that there is proper number of help to survive the week and do the best job that the shooters deserve.

    How much help — 5 workers for every two traps.

    Tate Barwald

    I have to disagree with you Brad, I would recommend any kid that can volunteer for his or her community, school, trap team,etc. to step up and do so. You stated in a previous thread about the price of targets for sctp I believe it was, but here you want to be at $500 per day per bank for labor???? correct???? I glad we live in a community where some youth still volunteer and not feel they need to be paid for everything they do!! I can go on and on about this but I think everyone knows where I stand on it.

    Im sure you’ve heard the phrase ” the kids now days sure have changed” Kids don’t know change, it’s the adults that changed the way kids are brought up….make sure everyone gets a trophy now…

    Brad Patterson



    I have no problem if we disagree. People should be able to have different points of view and still have respectful dialogue. My thoughts are based off of running a state shoot for 5 years which utilized high school age people to work. Plus I had it a little more difficult as I had to deal with hand sets verses pat traps. That required another type of training in addition to scoring and basic rules.

    All I can tell you is my first year was a bit of a challenge as I had several schools and we were implementing the program for utilizing the kids. Years 2-5 were for the most part a breeze. After year one I had one school and never had a problem getting labor, in fact they searched me out to get a job.

    As for the SCTP deal. I have no problem with what you charge. But if a discount isn’t given, then the expectation is the labor that works the shoot is ready to go, fully trained, and does an outstanding job based on fee paid, it’s not a training day for the labor working for the state shoot.

    I would have loved to have had a day like the SCTP event to use as training. Would have made the training so much easier and better for the state shoot and the first day of the state shoot would not have been so difficult.

    To think a kid is going to donate his time IMO is a little crazy. While should the kid donate to the school football program to have the school then turn around and charge a sports fee to play football. Why should that kid not be compensated, they have the most difficult job, long day out in all kinds of elements, have to be alert, good focus, deal with the people, etc. In effect to a great degree the trapline labor controls the integrity of the competition. But there is also the old saying as well — You do get what you pay for.




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