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    Brad Patterson

    Had the opportunity to be up at the Homegrounds this past weekend. What a beautiful facility. The grounds look great. The grounds were in awesome shape for the SCTP shoot and if you are attending the WI State Shoot I think you’ll be very happy with how things are looking.

    I was really looking forward to seeing the new building and it didn’t disappoint. Pictures online don’t do it total justice. When I got there Jon Dennman and his sone where busy installing the doors and some electrical work was going on. Looking inside a lot of framing for walls and the electric has been done. Looks like they will be drywalling this week.

    With the new building, it does change the perception of the facility in a POSITIVE way. Before with the temporary hoop building and rental of the work pods it always had a temporary feel, now it has that permanent feel, a feeling that good things are happening and the facility has a future.

    Have fun at this year’s state shoot !!

    Dick Otto

    Thank you very much Brad for your positive comments on the Homegrounds. Your endorsement means a great deal to our organization. Arlene & I will be there this weekend starting preparations for the shoot and again next weekend for making sure things are in order and supplies are stocked for the shoot. Its gonna be a busy, busy time!! Fortunately we have a good crew of BOD members and volunteers to see that everything is ready. Hope y’all enjoy it!!!

    Brad Patterson

    Dick – First, Thank you to both you and Arlene for all your efforts and serving the shooters of WI.

    Everyone should be positive about the “Homegrounds”. It’s becoming a very nice facility and that building will change the perception of the facility. You don’t have to go to the Homegrounds, you don’t have to agree with the decisions or the people who made them that have gotten the facility to this point. But it’s pretty cool to be building a gun club in the state. Doesn’t happen very often. Way easier to lose a gun club than to get a new one. And we have a very nice one with what is starting to look like has a nice future.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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