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Thanks to ALL who Cared & Gave

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    Dick Otto

    During the annual meeting of the WTA at the 2017 State Shoot, a spirited discussion ensued regarding non-payment of  1/2 monthly salary to Dennis Taylor for 2016.  Many members felt that since Denny’s 2016 Homegrounds absence was covered by Fritz Thistle and the Ottos, the monies should be paid.  Although records show that the WTA BOD had verbally agreed to this payment they unanimously rejected paying it.  As a result, one member who felt it unfair, decided to “pass the hat” for donations to Denny.  There was $5,218 collected in that effort.  Last Saturday, the proceeds were turned over to Denny, which he gratefully accepted.  He wishes to thank all WTA members for the recognition of all he has done to make this facility a reality.  Thank you all for kindness and support.

    Ken Cerney

    It still would be nice for the Board to do the RIGHT thing.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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