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    Brad Patterson

    Wow Dan …. explains a lot and why the WTA is in the state it is in. This whole post started to thank a member who has given 25 plus years of his life to serve the WTA and it’s membership. That should and deserves to be recognized and unfortunately it was not really done so.

    No BOD’s responded except after they had a little thin skin. You want people to step up, volunteer, get involved, but yet can’t even recognize them for doing so.

    Before you bitch about people stating their thoughts on this forum (one of it’s purposes for existence), figure out who they are that are posting. One thing about being a WTA director, you get lots of negative but very little if any fan fare. Trust me, I did it for over 10 years. It is a thankless job, shouldn’t be but is in many cases. I went to two events last year at the homegrounds. Made sure I thanked the shoot management and the directors present that I saw. Didn’t have to … it was just the right thing to do.

    Go back to the original post Dan … re-read it and realize what it was about …. then do the right thing.


    Dan Horkan

    Well Brad thanks for the information.
    I did read the post. The reason I replayed as a director as you well know people contact you to represent them and there thoughts.
    As far myself. I said it before and if I remember clearly ran into John at the grand and thanked him in a brief conversation also the second I heard of this I as well sent something privately in a email.
    Since I have been on the bod I have face to face thanked hundreds of people and always the first to thank the ones that can put in more hours than I can do to our business thriving by leaps and bounds.
    I have donated funds to every shoot since I have started shooting. But I do it to support the club not for recognition.
    We all like to be thanked from time to time but I hope if it was viewed that this new bod that had the state shoot dropped in our lap not to mention fixing many estate issues and no funding to work with. We raised money to install a sound system and got it in before the shoot barely but with this said. If we would’ve all not said thanks but I don’t believe that to be the case the 2000plus members could have said it.
    My point is when members complain to me and people are wining about the bod. Please step back in and show us how it’s done.
    There are 2 zone director positions available. You can say it’s the new bod driving them. Or is it that we have much more to dig out off. This place without a change would’ve been at bankruptcy. This season we are the closest to solvent as we have been in sometime. First great Job Amy for collecting the state shoot rent a season in advance not next year that was a game changer to the WTA
    Dewey and the rest of you and Amy volunteers you have done a fabulous job.

    Brad Patterson

    Thanks for the offer Dan …. But been there … done that.

    Yes the BOD’s has caught some heat on this post, for someone who gave so much some public acknowledgement was and is warranted.

    And most of the shooters have dropped the ball as well, many don’t thank individuals, shoot management, BOD’s etc. That is also a shame.





    Dan Horkan

    I truly would like to say thanks to all that have ever moved the WTA forward. I’m a new shooter as if 2.5 years ago.
    I’m still learning about the past.

    I believe we all started this because we had a common interest and enjoyed this sport.
    We are to compete and also have fun.

    This has been the biggest financial mess I have seen since the crash in 2008-2009.

    Let’s try to go forward.

    That has been our entire goal with this present bod. We may make mistakes or forget to say thank you. So I’m saying it to everyone.

    Merry Christmas and happy new years

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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