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    Brad Patterson

    In the recently posted BOD minutes for December, it states that John will no longer be doing the state shoot program or be running the shoot-offs. This is a huge loss for the WTA and it’s membership. When I served as a director for the WTA and more directly as the State Shoot Tournament Director, upon starting to set up the shoot, the first person I talked to was John, asking him to serve in both of those jobs. This was a huge relief as they are both big jobs. The program as approved by the directors was always perfect. John spent a lot of time making corrections and doing updates to the program, all with little fan fare or even a thank you.

    The shoot-offs are a whole other story. With the complex ATA system, all the categories, fall backs, yardage groups, concurrents, and the like, John always did a great job with nary a mistake. The shoot-offs where ran smoothly and in a timely manner. John also performed this task for the WTA and the membership with little fan fare or even a thank you.

    For his efforts, his continued support of the WTA, his willingness to step up and help and volunteer, his continued commintment to our sport , for that to John, I hope you’ll join me in saying THANK YOU JOHN …. YOUR EFFORTS HAVE NOT GONE UNNOTICED AND WERE GREATLY APPRECIATED !!!




    Don Mittag

    <p style=”text-align: center;”>What Brad said .</p>

    Ken Cerney

    Thanks John for all the hard work over the many years.

    Brad Patterson

    I can’t believe it but it does speak volumes regarding the state of the WTA and the membership. I posted this 4 days ago and it got two responses. Very pathetic for a man of high character and integrity who has served the WTA and it’s membership for 25 years plus. Can you believe it, two responses and one of those was from someone in a hospital bed. No board members responded. To say the least I’m disappointed.

    You read the minutes every month and the minutes constantly are talking about need for volunteers. No body when they are volunteering is looking for money but it is nice to be appreciated with a simple thank you. Why volunteer when it is not appreciated.

    Maybe I’m wrong here and I welcome the dialogue to prove me wrong but it is very disappointing.

    Don Mittag

    I’m home now.   And you are totally right.

    Ken Cerney

    I agree with that.

    Amy Jenkins

    Not that I need to defend the BOD, but I guess I will.  I am not a Director, but I do a TON of stuff for the WTA to say the least.  In addition, I have a full time job.  I, like many others, don’t have time to click on this forum multiple times a day to see if there is anything “new” being posted.  Yes, I did read it.  Yes, I have thanked John.  Did I post it here, No.  John and I have emailed many times about things.  Do I appreciate what John has done, ABSOLUTELY and I have told John that.  Does it suck that John no longer wants to do some of the things he has done for so many years, of course it does.  I was also the one that responded to John when he said that he would no longer be doing these things.  I asked if there was anything that we could do and if there wasn’t would he be willing to train people so that we knew his processes. I also know that the President has emailed John and thanked him multiple times as well.  He can’t post on the forum because he does not have a password. I am betting that there are other Directors that can’t post on here for the same reason…..no passwords to do such and some don’t even have computers or smart phones.

    So please don’t assume that the Board doesn’t care, because they do and I do. I sit at those meetings every month and have written the minutes.  Do we need volunteers, absolutely.  Are people stepping up to help, NO; it is the same ones over and over. But I don’t think the reason for that is because the Board doesn’t post on the forum or thank people.

    This message speaks for Tate as well; who just walked in the door at almost 8pm after leaving for work at 1:45am today; surely he didn’t have time to review the forum in the past few days; hence no post from him either.

    Thanks, Amy


    Don Mittag

    Amy where were you when this web site and this forum in particular were being highly debated.  All I kept on hearing is we needed to have a totally open site.  There were most of the directors and one or two members in particular that demanded it be a open site it increase communication with the membership. Andy Hall was probably the biggest proponent of having a totally open site.  And yet I can’t recall him starting one thread.  I am not picking on Andy just pointing out how little use this site gets.  When it was just a blog it got 10x’s the views as it does now.  The directors just like years ago said that they would really step up and post all kinds of stuff on this site and the last.  Well what happened?  As it turned out the last BOD had me do the posting.  So yes I should know a bite about how it worked.  The minutes were posted and if I didn’t post it nothing else did.   Just like now.  And thank you for doing the minutes and posting them.  In the past 10 years, and probably more I can’t think back that far, Brad and I have posted 90% of the information that was posted on a WTA website.  When the job of posting a blog was pushed on me each and everyone of the Directors promised they would send me something  each month to post.  Want to know how many I got.  Let’s just say over the years I could count them on my good hand.

    Yes I know I had time to do it but that is not the point.  I still had to make a effort.  And that was not anywhere close to the only thing I was doing for the WTA.

    I don’t know if or where they can be found but back at the beginning of the Homegrounds project there was a constant posting of pictures, news and a lot of thank you’s going out.  Dan H when he first got on the board posted several thank you’s for volunteers doing things .  Now not so much.

    I have known John A since he was a kid (and in some ways he still is).  He never did anything for the shooters of Wisconsin for any kind of pat on the back.  But with that being said it wouldn’t have been too much trouble for the BOD to post something here.  Even a group message.  According to this web site there is only one Director that doesn’t have a email address and even he has a computer and can use one.  To take 2 minutes out of you day is not asking to much for a person that has donated thousands of hours of their time.

    I guess it all boils down to the same old same old.  You hear the membership saying “we should” and when it comes down to it all of a sudden it changes to “you should”.  I get it that the directors have lives too.  Been there done that.  But there are some important things that happen with the WTA and this was one of them that the BOD missed a opportunity to show some gratitude and possibly encourage someone to step up.

    As Brad mentioned I am just out of the hospital and I am heavily drugged up with pain med’s so I hope I made some sense.

    John now you can sit back and enjoy the shoot like me.  It is great.  But when is Julie and I going to get to do a little drinking in if you aren’t working.

    Thanks John for everything you have done in the past 20 or more years.  And thanks for being a good friend.



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    Virgil Bomkamp

    Thanks John for the many years of doing a great job for the WTA and the members, it is greatly appreciated  by me and the shooters. Enjoyed working with you while I was on the board  and since.

    I hope you reconsider and do it a few more years.

    Virgil Bomkamp

    Brad Patterson

    I also, like Don, understand all too well the sacrifices the BOD’s make when they volunteer to serve. And maybe that commitment is even more so now that they have gotten in the gun club managing business.

    I understand why the WTA has a website, but why they have this forum  … I have no idea as they barely use it. Very view posting on here and it’s almost unheard of to see a director post anything which truth be told is no different than it’s ever been. The last forum that I managed for the WTA was the same.

    This site is totally underused. It is a great way to get information out to the membership or to have dialogue among the members. Since the directors don’t ever post I have no idea if they even look at the site and see what THEIR members are saying or talking about.

    I was up at two events this year at the Homegrounds, the SCTP State Championships and the 5 Man Team shoot. Enjoyed both events and made sure to thank as many of those as I could in person, so I’m sure you are correct Amy that in person, or email, phone whatever, John was thanked.

    This whole thread was started to thank a individual who gave so much of his time, talent, and in some cases I’m sure money to the WTA and it’s membership. A great way for the directors and the membership to thank John publicly for his efforts and contributions throughout the years. Knowing John, he’s not looking for recognition or fan fare, not one bit why he stepped up all these years, still doesn’t mean it’s not nice to get a little pat on the back.

    During my time on the board, I was grateful then and I’m thankful now for John and the effort and commitment he gave to the WTA and the membership.


    John Atkielski

    Thank you Brad, Don, Ken, Amy and Virgil for the kind words. It really means a lot coming from individuals such as yourself that have also given countless hours and much of their lives serving the WTA and it’s membership.

    I would like to personally thank the many other volunteers and sponsors that donate time, goods and services to the WTA each year. It would be nice to try and list them. However, I feel this would only cause hard feelings if someone was left out. It would be hard to imagine our organization without them.

    Thanks also to the current leadership of the WTA:
    Jerry Farnsworth, Dan Horkan, Tate Barwald, Pat Schuette, Jerry Kaszynski, Don Chrapla, Bill Marsden, Kevin Doerring, Dwight Paulin, Fritz Thistle, Theresa Howland, Jim Kroeplien and Amy Jenkins.
    These individuals continue to try and make the very best decisions they can for our organization with little thanks and hardly any recognition.

    As you can see, the WTA is much bigger than any one individual. However, any one individual can help to make a big difference.

    Don – as much of the trapshooters I grew up with continue to get older, I hope to remain a kid as long as possible.


    Amy Jenkins

    Where was I when all of this website and forum was discussed……hmmmm, I probably wasn’t even an ATA member then!  So, I have no clue what was discussed prior to last January which is when I came into the WTA world!!!  (And remember, I was just going to be the shoot coordinator so your wife didn’t have to do it any more…..it would be easy they said!!!)

    Don…..pretty good writing for being so drugged up!  Glad to hear your surgery went well and I hope you are healing up good.  Take care of yourself!


    M. Peter Rustad

    I would like to thank everyone, past and present for the work the have done for the WTA and the Home Grounds. When you rely on volunteer help it is tough I don’t care what kind of club it is, car, snowmobile, tractor whatever it seems like you never get enough help and the help you do get always seems to be the same people, it’s just the way it is. Again many thanks to past and present board members and anyone else who helped make the WTA a success and happy holidays to all.


    Pete Rustad

    Andy Hall

    Don on 10-22 16  I posted this to John and everyone else, this was when John stated it was his last post thread.

    John thank you for everything you have done over the years. Would like to thank everyone else also. We the membership never say thanks to all the board and other members that do so much to keep everything going in the WTA .”

    I will say it again thank you John for all the thankless hours you did for the organization. Also thanks to the board members past and present. Also thanks to all the volunteers over the years. May all of you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



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    Dan Horkan

    Merry Christmas to all

    As far as all the other complaints I think you have way to much time on your hands to complain read every article and complain about all the things.
    I didn’t know John very well but did appreciate as of all others did everything he has done for this Organization.
    But it always comes to blaming everyone on the BOD now.
    If I see this correctly this BOD that’s here now hasn’t created the much larger problems such as spending $3,500,000 like there was no tomorrow. We have tightened the reigns and said we need to fight to keep it alive.
    There were all the complaints that this bod had no clue how to run a state shoot when bod members fled at last minute.
    I think we were up a molar 350 shooters and heard nothing but complements. John was a great help during this. Were you that are complaining all the time. Get a job or if your retired go enjoy yourself and have some fun and not take time out of our busy schedules to address this.
    Again I think everyone love Kohn I never heard one negative thing about him.
    This just lets you have a topic to wine about. We are looked big at putting up a new building within our means.
    Not one that will bankrupt us. There are like 2500 members please go find something else to complain about but not here.
    I didn’t even here about this until someone told me to look at it today.
    Wasn’t just sitting around reading forums today

    Again Merry Christmas

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