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    Don Mittag

    Amy. Do you have the final numbers on the SCTP shoot? A friend of mine said they moved his sons from Sat to a Sunday morning time slot.

    Amy Jenkins

    Here is what I have received so far. I assume these are final numbers or very close!

    Shooter totals:
    1363 Singles
    228 Handicap
    225 Doubles


    Perry Hintz

    Amy, you are right on…

    Some more interesting numbers:
    500 shot the flurry.
    374 shot Make-A-Break.
    89 shot the 50-bird sporting clays course.
    Approx. 250 shot the bunker.
    Over 200,000 targets thrown not counting practice rounds.

    Patches awarded:

    The campgrounds were the fullest I have seen outside the WTA State Shoot.

    The puller/scorers and workers did a much improved job over years past and should be ready for the WTA State Shoot. Great job Brian Giese and team!

    All around fantastic job by everyone and we are looking forward to an even larger event next year!

    The building looks fantastic, we can’t wait to work out of it next year!

    Thanks to everyone who made the WI SCTP State Championships an overwhelming success. Working with Fritz and rest of WTA volunteers has been excellent and everyone is made to feel at home. The amount of time they spend behind the scenes is unknown to most of the attendees, however totally appreciated by all.


    Don Mittag

    And now if we (the WTA) could make a profit on all those targets that would be a good thing in stead of the SCTP making all the profit.

    Or even if the SCTP could bring up 30 people for two days to work around the Homegrounds.

    Tate Barwald

    Don, we (the WTA) do make a profit on this shoot, if we didn’t we wouldn’t be here. The same goes for the sctp, if they don’t make ends meet how are they to keep operating?? We provide labor and the sctp takes care of everything else, registration, trophies, scoresheet runners, etc.I think we (the WTA) have a good working relationship with the sctp and those who run this shoot. Also a big thanks to you and Melinda for being there working for two days to prepare for this shoot and everyone else that donated their time to help with this shoot and the every day operations of the wta.

    Brad Patterson

    Don, the difference in costs per hundred from the SCTP fee and your state shoot entry fee is $5 and as Tate mentioned the SCTP does all the registration, collects score sheets, purchases trophies etc. Not to mention, the WTA has the perfect training day to make sure the kids are all trained and ready to go for the state shoot. I would have loved to have an event like this before the state shoot to train the kids. That in of itself is worth something to the WTA that is not monetary but priceless.

    Don Mittag

    Brad. So the SCTP made how much per shooter. I think it was around $12 per. And for the average non SCTP shooter now add a $3 a day Wta Fee. A 1 dollar maintenance per hundred. A $10 a year membership fee. So now we are up to about $8 or more for the non SCTP shooter. Then we give them 3 FREE camping spots. What else do we need to do for them. Where are they going to shoot when we close the place down? And we have to maintain the whole facility. Not just sign people up pick score sheets and buy some trophies. And we don’t pay our directors. How many hours did the WTA put in. I will guarantee it was more than the SCTP volunteers. And on top of all that when I go to a shoot I have to pay before I shoot my first target. I know the shooters paid a while before the shoot but the WTA has not been paid AGAIN. They got a partial payment but I would be willing to bet they are still owed at least another 20 grand. As long as they have been using OUR facility they have never once even paid in the same week. Sometimes it has been a month. Did the SCTP have the money up front an before the shoot. Yes. Why can’t they pay on the same weekend. They know how many shooters they had. They know how many targets they used for their other things. I’ll bet the SCTP people that get paid get it on time.

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    Brad Patterson


    The WTA board sets the price for this shoot. And as Tate mentioned do make a profit.

    I have no knowledge on the three camping spots or on what the contract states for when payment is due.

    If you didn’t have these shoots at the Homegrounds, would you have a Homegrounds. The facility can’t support itself on a one week a year event. Where would you hold the state shoot without the Homegrounds facility? Iowa ? Michagan ? Where as there is no facility in WI to hold such events if we don’t have the homegrounds.

    And as President Thistle mentioned to me last week, the facility does not belong to the WTA, it belongs to the shooters. It is THEIR “Homegrounds”.

    Don Mittag

    The WTA negotiate with the SCTP for the price. Only after that does the WTA set the price.

    I am waiting to hear how much profit they maid. And profit shouldn’t only be based on income and targets, and salaries to the help. What about wear and tear on the bunker, the trap machines, clean up, real estate taxes. You know kind of the way WGC used to charge.

    Payment is due the morning of the shoot. At least it was a couple of years ago. I wouldn’t believe the BOD would have changed that. Why would they. Like I said when everyone else shoots they have to pay before on target is thrown.

    If the facility can’t survive on one shoot a year how can it survive on two shoots a year at a price that is 20% lower than what the rest of pay. And where would the SCTP go. Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan? Yes they get 3 free campsites it is in the minutes from earlier this year.

    And Fritz is incorrect. It does belong to the members of the WTA. Who paid for it? And who is still paying or it with memberships, daily fees, maintenance fee’s, volunteers, donations and so on. Not the SCTP. Not even the volunteer part.

    Brad Patterson

    Good thing Don your not on the “welcome to the Homegrounds” committee.

    Such hostility for a group that had a great event at the homegrounds with lots of positives.

    If your not happy with the agreement that the WTA board agreed to with the WI SCTP group, maybe you should talk to your director or President Thistle.

    I hope you get a little more happy by next week so you can enjoy the state shoot and the homegrounds

    Don Mittag

    I have talked to my Director and will talk to my other one also. I’m pretty sure by now Fritz knows also.

    After talking to several shooters and a couple of SCTP shooters parents I have found that they all agree with me completely. The parents even went so far as to say they would be willing to pay more or at least pay a $5 membership fee even if they only shoot this one reg. shoot. But they also said that if there is a increase that it should go to the WTA not the SCTP.

    You know me and how our differences go. This isn’t the first time you and I have disagreed about something. I think we are both adult enough (at least you) to get past this. I will be just fine next week. My shooting. That’s another story.

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