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    Brad Patterson

    A huge THANK YOU to the WTA for their efforts this past weekend for the WI State SCTP Championships. The grounds were in great shape, the kids (at least the ones that worked my trap) did a great job. Over 1450 athletes took to the line and not a single safety issue to speak of.

    Amy Jenkins

    Brad –
    Thanks for the kind words.  Not gonna lie…..it was a ton of work.  I arrived to Homegrounds at 1pm on Wednesday and went home about 3pm Sunday.  So, the compliment is much appreciated.  Clay Target League two weeks prior to that had about 800 kids and about two or three times as many spectators and that went very smoothly as well.  I have heard very good feedback from shooters and families as well.
    Thanks to everyone that was able to help out with these two big youth events!!!

    On to the State Shoot!!!!!!!!!!

    Perry Hintz

    On behalf of the SCTP State Advisors I too would like to thank the WTA and the Nekoosa High kids for a great job.  The grounds were groomed, the targets were the best that the 20-30 mile an hour winds would allow and all told we through over 180,000 targets last weekend.

    Congratulations to the Central Falcons for winning the WI SCTP State Trap Championship with a score of 486 of 500.

    For a complete list of results: http://shot.sssfonline.com/shot5/web/publish/results/index.asp?eid=149

    Most people don’t see what goes on the weeks and days before a shoot of this size and hardly anyone notices the WTA members out setting traps at sun-up and loading houses at sun-down each day. We are looking forward to an even larger event next year; at our current rate of growth we should be well over 1600 athletes!!  PH

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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