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    Brad Patterson

    We lost a great man yesterday and a great ambassador for our sport. Richard Otto went home yesterday morning to be with his Heavenly Father due to his battle with Leukemia. I have such great respect for Dick that it is really beyond words. Dick was a Wisconsin State Champion. He was also a Wisconsin State Hall of Fame member. Both well earned and deserved accomplishments. But you never ever heard him talk about it. I remember when I first started shooting, I would go to Boxhorn’s to shoot the 50 bird weekly 16 yard basket shoots that were popular back in the day.I would always look to see what Dick, and his two best shooting friends Dick Bennett and Duane Bucholtz shot for score and compare my score to theirs.

    A few years into my shooting career, I was elected to the WTA board of directors and this is where I really got to know Dick and his wonderful wife, Arlene. It was where I really saw Dick’s true gift shine. Yes he was a great shooter. Worked hard had some great kids, married a awesome lady, but there was never any doubt on his commitment back to his sport, the sport of trapshooting that he loved so much. The sport that he loved, that he became a champion at, the sport that gave him so many friends, was such a big part of his life but most importantly, he served. I remember when I served as the tournament director for the state shoot, one of my first phone calls was to Dick to have him do the computer stuff. The countless hours he put in before, during, and after all to make sure it was done correctly for the shooters. His passion was serving the shooters and giving back to the sport he loved.

    Now Dick was not perfect, far from it. But no matter what, he always gave the effort and there was never any doubt that he was ” all in” when it came to serving and being there for the shooters.

    When I got the email letting me know Dick went to heaven, even though I knew it was coming, I was still shocked. And a part of me was mad. I was suppose to go see Dick a couple weeks ago but we cancelled as Dick had a rough day. Totally understandable. The the last two weeks I have had that respiratory disease going around and being in the heath care field, knew that wasn’t a good thing to have and go see Dick. I was sad and mad I missed the chance to visit with Dick one last time.

    After thinking about things since yesterday, I realized through my selfishness, Arlene put it perfectly in her email. “It is a good morning as Dick joined his Father in Heaven this morning”. So very true. Dick was also a man of faith and I have no doubt he is up in heave trying to explain that “rose point” system to the Lord. Knowing that Dick went home somehow gives me peace. I look at this now as a celebration. I remember the good times spent at shoots, prepping and working at the state shoot, shooting with him at his last Grand. We all often talk about how it’s not the shooting but the friends we make from the sport. I for one am better because I got to meet and know Dick.

    I pass on my deepest condolences to Arlene, their children and the entire Otto family. May you find love, peace, and comfort in the Lord during this time. May thoughts of Dick, your husband, your father, your grandfather, your friend bring a smile to you as you remember him fondly. May the lord be with you all.

    Tim Thompson

    Brad, I couldn’t have said it better. Wonderful tribute to Dick. It is reassuring to know that he is at Peace with his Savior.
    I shot with Dick many a time and it was always a pleasure.
    My thoughts and prayers go out to Arlene and family.


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    Brad Patterson

    What a nice celebration of the life of WTA Hall of Famer and current SE Director, Dick Otto. It was so nice to see all the people(some who traveled a great distance) who came out on a cold snowy Saturday to pay their respects to Arlene and the entire Otto family.

    I wish I could have stayed longer but it was so nice catching up with old friends, the many memories of Dick shared, it almost had the feeling of being at a family reunion. I’ve always known the best part of our sport was the people but this just reaffirmed it.

    One thing I’ve always like about attending the visitation is the pictures and albums. Nice to see all the pictures of Dick but nice to see more of the history of our sport. The old articles in the newspaper when they actually put articles in the paper and the All-state team were sponsored by the paper. Nice to see all the articles about the great athlete Dick was on the basketball court in his early years.

    I know Dick is in a better place, shooting with his friends in heaven, smiling down on us all.

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