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    Brad Patterson

    I know several members of th board and other WTA members have radar guns that we used at the WGC and at the homegrounds. Does anyone know the cost and the make/model they used. I remember they had a carry case and the gun was yellow in color. Help please. Thanks

    Ken Cerney

    Brad, I have an inexpensive one to sell it works good. It show speed in whole number while the expensive models show in 10’s. The one I have for sale is a Bushnell Velocity $80.00 shipped.

    Virgil Bomkamp

    Brad, that gun you are talking about is no Longer made. We bought the one from Bob Schultz, I believe it was about $475.00 plus $20 for the hard case for it shipped. If interested email me and I will get you the model no. Supposed to be the best one out there. Virgil Bomkamp Email: bomkamp@centurytel.net

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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