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    Don Mittag

    There was a motion made “to allow Chops to spend 10% of the amount without contacting the BOD to keep the building going.” 10% of what amount? Our net worth, the value of the building?

    The was also something mentioned about a lightning strike. What damage was done to the septic system?

    While discussing separating the campgrounds and gun club Fritz asked “if there was a way to sell back a membership to the WTA” Membership to what? Was not aware that the campgrounds had memberships.

    “The golf course will be putting up some yurits for their seasonal staff.” First which golf course and second, and this might be dumb but, what is a “yurits”

    You mention Connie. Connie who” There is no Connie mentioned in the people that were in attendance. She mentioned that the WTA was rated the same as Sand Valley. Rated for what? Acreage? Water usage?


    Don Mittag

    Thanks to Fritz who called this morning I got some answers for my questions. I am going to try to answer my own questions. So hopefully this will save Amy some time.

    The 10% Chops can spend is 10% of the est. for the building cost so that would be about $20k. I didn’t have a problem with him having the ability to pay for things building related I just wanted clarification of 10% of what.

    The lightning strikes. Apparently the first one was a couple of years ago and it was not tuned into the insurance co. for reimbursement. The second one was this past year just before the state shoot. The same thing. It was never submitted to the insurance co. They were both in the campground septic system and it took out the controller. There is a control panel the send waste to different parts of the system so the same area doesn’t used all the time and the rest doesn’t get as much use.

    The membership question is a bit to complicated for me to explain. Something like selling memberships to walk in’s to allow us to safely maintain our 501C3 without having ownership issues.

    A yurits is a small cabin like thing that the golf course would rent or let Professional caddy’s stay in. The golf course in question is Sand Valley. A lot of discussion left to be done on this.

    Apparently Rome did a study to determine if another hotel would possibly be warranted. And the two businesses (the WTA and Sand Valley) require about the same number of hotel nights. I guess they are going to consider putting up another hotel near Rome. A small one but that would be nice for the state shoot.

    Damn. Sounds like I did the blog again. Nope.

    Thanks for your call Fritz. Oh and I didn’t say it before but thank you Fritz, Dick and Arlene Otto for stepping up yet once more.

    Amy Jenkins

    Don –
    This is great. I just heard from Fritz and was going to type answers to try to clarify your questions, but you did a really good job. I think I will have you cover for me taking minutes if there is ever a meeting I can’t attend!! Nice job!


    Don Mittag

    Fritz is the one that should get the thanks. But you could by me a ice cream from the new ice cream guy at the state shoot. I am guessing a Ribeye sandwich from The Butcher Block would be to much.

    Amy Jenkins

    I’ll buy you an ice cream cone, you can buy breakfast ribeye sandwiches!!! Deal?!

    Don Mittag

    Well seeing it was you that got them up here I guess I can do that.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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