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    Dwight Fitzsimmons

    Glad to see this.


    M. Peter Rustad

    Yes I also am glad to see the forum again, I feel it is a great communication tool for the WTA members. Thanks to all who made it possible.



    Ken Cerney

    We as members of the WTA need to remember KEEP IT CIVIL.


    Andy Hall

    Great to have it back. Communication within a a organization is everything.


    Don Mittag

    Ken. We”ll see how long that lasts.


    James Droster

    James Droster
    Hay Don it,s only been a couple days but I believe it is working better then some people though it would and you can see that by all the talk in the forum on the trap shoot dates For the fall classic .This is all a team effort by a lot of good people and it,s been all great . IT CAN BE DONE ,,,,


    This is great everyone talking this over and trying to make a change for the betterment of all the wta trap shooters .This would not have been able to have took place a couple weeks ago without this great new Forum and great people ,Thank you KEN, JOHN A,DON,ANDY,RICHARD,DAN R,DAN H This is great lets keep it going .JDHOG


    Tony Kennedy

    would it be possible to have a like button for post that you agree with??


    Ask (and as long as it is possible), ye shall receive, Tony.

    There is a Thumbs Up icon on each post now, so you can choose to simply like a post without commenting on it.

    Hope you all LIKE it. 🙂



    Gordon Horigan

    Thanks Guys and Gals, it’s great to see it back again. Gordy Horigan


    Mike Pigusch

    To Webmaster

    on the Topic forum page we see a column Voices and Post for each different subject.

    Can you add Views?

    Mike P

    • This reply was modified 3 years, 6 months ago by  Mike Pigusch.

    Ken Cerney

    Views would be nice.


    Mike Pigusch

    Here is another technical question that I asked and has not been answered?

    I will bring this up at the annual meeting, Dewey?


    Mike P


    Richard Gries

    Hey Don:

    I’m just an observer now. Retired from trapshooting and have gone fishing More fun, less stress, and I can eat what I smoke, I mean smoke what I eat, er, you know what I mean. Hearing voices again; time to go.


    Dick Gries

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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