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Muscoda is open Sunday May 3

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    Mike Pigusch

    Muscoda will hold the scheduled tournament on May 3, 2020.
    We have been open on Wed nights since the snow left.

    These are a few of the items that are different from normal.

    1. We will have to follow the “social distancing of six (6) feet between people” requirement.
    2. The registration area is in the same please bring your own pen if you have to fill out a form or sign a check.
    3. There will be no food available except for prepacked chips, soda, and candy bars.
    4. Any shoot-off will be determined reverse scoring and or tied.
    5. Lewis options are still a “yes or no” as of now.
    6. Trophies: winners will be notified by mail.
    7. Only 8 people in club house.
    8. Extra racks and tables will be staged at each sub-event house.
    9. The first sub event will be on the right of field “house 5” then moving to house 4.
    10. A large “on deck” sign will be posted near house 5 that can be seen from the parking area.
    11. ATA Membership if you planned to renew your at Muscoda please try and do that online with the ATA website.

    Major updates will be posted.

    Stay safe

    Mike P

    Mike Pigusch

    Sorry folks, Muscoda has just cancelled our 3 may 2020 ATA tournament.

    stay safe.

    Mike P

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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