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Monthly loan for the facility

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    Brad Patterson

    Heard some great news but don’t remember all the details as we’re saving big bucks each month. Can someone on the board please share the details and good news with the membership please !!

    Amy Jenkins

    Brad –

    I will ask the Treasurer to write something up so I can post it here.  Stay tuned.

    Jim Kroeplien

    More good news for the WTA! The Moser fidility account is finalized. All money per the loan agreement with Summit Credit Union was paid down on the loan. I asked to get the loan reammortized and they agreed. The WTA loan payment has drop almost $5000 per month. This is the first year the WTA did not have to beg from members, business or Ray’s funds to have enough cash to make to the Annual State Shoot. We are finally heading in the right direction. Let’s have a great State Shoot!


    WTA treasurer


    Dwight Fitzsimmons

    “We are finally heading in the right direction.” Jim K

    Thanks to your hard work and extreme dedication, we are. The many, MANY hours you’ve devoted to the WTA is commendable beyond description.

    “Let’s have a great State Shoot!” Jim K

    Thanks to you and Amy and the entire BOD and the numerous volunteers that have given countless hours of their life to help the WTA, I think we will.



    Andy Hall

    Thanks Jim for the update. We  cannot thank you and all the current board members and the members enough that have worked so hard to get us this far.  Thank You All, Andy

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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