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    Mike Pigusch


    Missing Post are a Problem:

    Have you ever notice that a post by someone else or even your self is missing from the WTA main forum page(s)?

    Have you ever opened the main forum page and noticed the all the post are over a week or more old?

    Have you ever seen that some one posted a comment to a thread listed on the main forum page and then opened that page and did not see the post?

    If you answered yes to any of the events you are probably using a laptop or desktop computer (I am not trying to sell you a new “I whatever”).

    Solution: Just press the “F5” key on the top row of your keyboard.
    You should notice the your computer will reload a fresh copy of the web-page from the site and you should then see the latest page.

    If you click on a thread item you would like to view you may have to press “F5” again to reload that page, in order to see the latest post to that thread.

    I am looking for a long term solution and it may take a long time if ever.

    Mike P
    San Marcos TX


    Mike Pigusch

    I always view the WTA forum with a lap/top or desktop computer. I am always force to manually refresh the the current web page to see the the latest post date and time.

    When can the website managers  put a refresh link on the top of every page within the forum?


    Mike P


    Mike Pigusch

    I am glad that this appears to have been fixed.


    Mike P

    Highland Wi

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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