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Look the Mins are posted You guys are on point.

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    James Droster

    Nice job everyone this has to be a first time  the minutes were posted within a week of a meeting , And a very detailed write up as well, Amy you did a great job filling in Thank You to all that have given your time for all the WTA shooters are to be  commended and thanked for your service .This is a very refreshing and new showing for our board of Directors  .

    Amy Jenkins

    Thanks Jim!  Much appreciated! 🙂

    David Mittlesteadt

    I agree with Jim. I know that everyone in the past did the best they could but it is great to see this information posted in such a timely manner, especially with everybody being so interested in what is going on right now within the WTA. I want to thank everyone that is on the board & those assisting the board for your time & effort. It is often a thankless job to be in charge & easy for some of those on the sidelines to criticize but I grateful for the effort being put out by many.

    Thanks Dave


    Ken Cerney

    Amy, How did you get the Directors to approve the minutes so fast. Most of the time some of the Directors never responded at all to approving them.   Good job all.

    Amy Jenkins

    Ken – I emailed them out Saturday night and then to the BOD on Sunday (as I didn’t really know what the process was).  I made the changes that were requested.  I asked for permission to post them as I knew everyone wanted to read them and was told to go ahead.  That’s all!  Thanks.

    Gordon Horigan

    Thanks Amy you are doing a grate job, and thanks to ALL who are trying to

    get us turned in the right direction.  Sounds grate to me.  Gordy H

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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