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Jim Fuller Memorial Shoot – 06/24/17

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    Amy Jenkins

    Here is a link to the flyer for the Jim Fuller Memorial shoot at the Brown County Sportsmen’s Club on Saturday, June 24th.

    Click to access Jim-Fuller-Memorial-06-24-17.pdf


    Mike Pigusch

    Nice flyer Brown County.

    A street address would be nice so someone could enter that address in the “Gramin” type device.

    Your map on your page of the Shootata web site has the trap club in a “Bangkok Garden”


    Don’t feel bad, your not the only Wisconsin trap club that has a their map pointed to the wrong location.

    Shoot Muscoda WI this Sunday


    Mike P

    Dan Rauterkus

    Brown County Sportsmans Club

    1711 W Deerfield Ave

    Green Bay


    Mike Pigusch

    Nice looking Trap/skeet facility 6 trap houses and 6 skeet fields.

    when I relooked at your web page on the shootata web site no one from your club  has uploaded your program ( someone in your club has that access).

    If your club would upload your program, and then select which mileage and date option to send out emails to all ATA members within the mileage you selected.


    Muscoda had 96 different shooters show up on 23 Apr 2017,  25 were youth shooters which was unusual, that still leaves 20-30 above normal.

    I state the reason is the ATA email to ATA members, and the fact we have our first shoot early in the calendar year and there no snow on the ground. We do not own a snow shovel and do not want one.

    The ATA emails is the best free advertisement any trap club could ask for and the ATA allows each club to control that free advertisement.

    Shoot Muscoda this Sunday

    Mike P


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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