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Homegrounds Update October 31, 2016

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    John Atkielski


    I was mistaken – that wasn’t my final update!

    This past week found our usual dependable helpers at the Homegrounds for the big closing. A ton of work was completed for the season starting early on Wednesday. Dennis & Ruth Taylor joined us for this final event! Dennis was able to instruct us on what needed to be done and how to do it. What a great help that was! Now we have an idea of what he all did when few were there to help him in the past.

    The crew cleaned out all but 3 traps and the bunker (to be used for the Fund Raiser shoot on Friday. This meant really cleaning them, unloading the turrets, setting springs back, sweeping, taking out the cardboard and placing mouse repellents in each one. All trash barrels were taken to the end of the camping area. Benches were moved under the shelters against the gun racks. Extra gun racks were brought into the hoop building. Hoop building was cleaned out, tables & chairs set up for the Fund Raiser. Refrigerators (3) were emptied and doors left open. Score Boards removed to campsite under trees. Picnic tables turned on their sides, fire rings on outer 2 rows of campsites brought into the Hoop building, balance placed on end under picnic tables. Electrical boxes repaired. Shower house cleaned out and winterized. Water lines blown out and anti-freeze installed to keep from freezing & bursting at each campsite.

    Dennis Taylor winterized the 5th Wheel purchased by Bruce Wiegman and Kevin Schutz for WTA use and it was moved into the Hoop building. Kolar & WTA storage trailers also were moved into the Hoop building. Large signs at road were taken down. Scorer’s supply boxes checked and restocked. Speakers for the loud speaking system were removed from top of shelters and returned for further programing and winter storage. New gates were built at both entrance sites to be locked over the winter.

    The Mid-State Foundation for Technical College fund-raiser was a success. 15 shooters participated – one practice round, 2 competition rounds, and some practice on the bunker, with a delicious lunch provided by the Foundation.

    Following the shoot, the hoop building was once again cleaned, tables & chairs stacked along the walls. Recobs picked up 5 pallets of targets for return. On Saturday, we had one more bunker shooter, and at the end of the day, 4 more trapshooters. The last traps and bunker were then cleaned and winterized. Final completing of these tasks was done on Sunday morning prior to the last workers leaving!

    A HUGE thank you to:
    Dennis Taylor, Dwight Paulin, Don Chrapla, Jim Gurkowski, Jerry Kaszynski, Jerry Farnsworth, Amy Jenkins, Tate Barwald, Dan Horkan, Bob Komarac, Andy Hal,l Bill & Ann Recob, Jeff Recob, Tom Stenback, Kevin Schutz, Bruce Wiegman, Fritz Thistle and Dick & Arlene Otto


    Tate Barwald

    A huge thank you to everyone that helped this year and the years before!! It takes more than a few people to make it run, often things that are taken for granted, cleaning traps, loading traps, picking garbage, mowing, cleaning, office work during shoots, and hours after shoots are over, maintaining website, and countless other jobs. Thanks again volunteers!!!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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