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Homegrounds Update October 16, 2016

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    John Atkielski

    This will be my final “UPDATE” for the year.  As you all know, Dick and I (Arlene Otto) have been helping Fritz Thistle since April 1st, trying to partially fill Dennis Taylor’s huge shoes.  It has been rewarding, hard physical work, easy work socializing with many ‘newbie’ shooters, and also at times, discouraging.

    Rewarding in that there were quite a few helpers:  Don Chrapla, Dwight Paulin, Jerry Kaszinski, WTA Pres. Dewey, “Chops”, Bob Komarec, Amy, Tate, Wagner brothers, John Coniff, (father Jim donated a 0-turn 48” mower!), Glenn Hammerly, Glen Carlson, THE RECOB FAMILY.  Thanks to all of you, and any others that I might have missed.

    A HUGE thank you must go out to John Atkielski for the 20+ years he has devoted to all of us members of the WTA, with very little acknowledgement.  He was the person who commandeered the shoot-offs for every state shoot, a huge job.  He wrote up every state shoot program.  For many years he was on the classifying committee.  Along with Jay Nigbor, he developed the system for the Hall of Fame candidates.  He has been serving as our Web host.  We all owe him our deepest gratitude.  Let him know when you see him.

    Another very deserving person is Theresa Howland.  She has been our WTA Secretary, and head of the cashiering of the State Shoot.  (Another huge job.)  At our Ray Moser Memorial shoot, she took a day of sick leave on Friday to assist with the cashiering, and she really was sick.  Her husband, Lyn took a VACATION day on Friday so he could help on the line.  They worked all 3 days, all day.  He never even got relieved for lunch!  We are thankful we had other shooters helping on the line.

    This past week, Chops, YZ & friend Reid – all from Berlin Gun Club, helped Fritz to clean out and winterize all but 5 trap houses.  This was huge, exhausting, dirty job.  THANK YOU!

    Thanks must also go to the Nekoosa kids who helped us out at the State shoot, and the other smaller shoots that we conducted here.

    Discouraging?  The lack of help from our shooters.  We have approximately 2500 shooters, and only about 1% came to help.  I know that many of you are older (like us!), are working, or have physical problems and would love to come and help but are unable to do so.  Let’s hope we see more of those that can come out next year.  It is fun, good camaraderie, good exercise, and a rewarding feeling for a job well done.  See you next year!

    Don Mittag

    And you forgot to thank two other people.  Dick and Arlene Otto.  The amount of time, effort, sweat, blood you two have donated to the WTA is unbelievable.

    One more.  Thistle Fritz.  If it weren’t for the three of you the home grounds would not have even opened this year.

    So what is the WTA going to do next year?????  Who is going to step up?????

    I guess I am going to fall into the Physically unable to perform group.  Sorry.

    The BOD didn’t sign on to run the Homegrounds.  Like Arlene said the WTA needs some of the 2 thousand plus members to step up.  If everyone gave only one day it would be easy to get everything done that needs to be done to run the Homegrounds, your club.

    Andy Hall

    John thank you for everything you have done over the years. Would like to thank everyone else also. We the membership never say thanks to all the board and other members that do so much to keep everthing going in the WTA .

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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