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Homegrounds Update May 23, 2016

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    John Atkielski


    HOME GROUNDS UPDATE!!  –  May 19-22, 2016

    John Coniff spent Thursday with his tractor & sprayer, and 120 gals of weed kill.  He sprayed the road, & adjacent campsites through #168.  He will be returning to complete the job.  In addition to all this work, he is volunteering to have a load of gravel brought in and will fill in the holes and ruts in the driveways and parking areas.  What a guy!  Thank you so much, John!  I am sure he would not turn down any help with filling those holes!

    Friday, WTA Director Jerry Kaszynski brought gallons of linseed oil, a sprayer, roller and pan and went to work on preserving the scoreboards, after Dick and Arlene removed all the staples from last year’s state shoot.  Picnic tables should also have a preservative applied to them.  (Any one want to help with that project?)  When he finished with the scoreboards (except for one end when he ran out of oil), he proceeded to drag the incoming driveway to smooth it out.  Thanks, Jerry!   We had a Jr. Bunker shooter from IL. shooting and purchased a flat of shells.

    A couple who had heard about our campgrouds from Denny at a show last year, came to camp and take advantage of our trapshooting facility.  Fortunately, Glenn Hamerly stopped in and gave them shooting pointers as they are new shooters.  Glen Carlsen and Connie Riemer brought over a pallet of water, donated by John Coniff, for the kids at the next several shoots.  Bob Ebbers, Ann & son Bobbie arrived for the weekend.  Bobbie was among 8 bunker kids who practiced on Saturday and Sunday.  Bob spent his days determining the source of the problem of why 3 electrical posts were not working, and found the transformer dead.  He hopes to fix it.

    Sunday’s good weather brought out more bunker and trap shooters.   Dick set a trap for straight-a-ways and gave more shooting pointers to the couple before they returned home.

    Next weekend there will be 30-36 kids shooting bunker on both Saturday & Sunday to qualify for the international Olympic Bunker Team.  The top 6 will proceed to Colorado for the next round of qualifying.  Good luck to all of them!

    Thanks to all for your help!



    John Atkielski



    John Atkielski

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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