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Homegrounds Update June 19 2016

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    John Atkielski

    HOME GROUNDS UPDATE  –  June 19, 2016

    Dwight Paulin and Don Chrapla returned this week and in one day, pressure washed the remaining 25 traphouse roofs. Wow, what a huge job and great effort!  Thank you!  On Friday, Amy Jenkins and Arlene Otto painted with green all 25 roof tops & upper edges & their shoes, legs and shorts.  Even Sam received a little green!  Jerry Kaszynski and wife Karen arrived on Friday also and stained many more picnic tables. (Still more to be done).  Thanks again, you two!  Dick Otto and Fritz Thistle placed all the marble/granite trap field donation markers at the beginning of each trap walkway.  Looks great!  Thanks to them and a huge thank you to all who donated a trapfield.  Donations for several more would be greatly appreciated. Saturday was a face-to-face WTA Board meeting held in the hoop building. Pat Schuette left a little early to spray weed killer on the entire grounds! Following the meeting, Theresa Howland, Amy Jenkins, Jerry Farnsworth, Kevin Doerring, Jerry Kaszynski, Tate Barwald, Don Chrapla, Fritz Thistle and Dick Otto brought over 13 pallets of targets from the Recob Storage Trailer, and filled all 30 traphouses in preparation for this coming weekend. It will be the SCTP State Championships – expecting about 1100 kids to shoot 100 16 yd. targets on Saturday, and handicap and doubles on Sunday!  There will also be many shooting Bunker practice. The WTA is conducting a registered shoot on Sunday (June 26th) with 100 targets in all 3 events. Come on out and see the kids shooting, all the parents & grandparents watching, and many vendors! Enjoy shooting on Sunday!

    We will be needing help following the shooting in taking down the Voice Releases, cleaning the cardboard out of the 30 traphouses and refilling the turrets, emptying the 60-70 trashcans and getting it to the dumpsters on Sunday. Are you available?

    I need to mention that Bruce Wiegmann and Kevin Schutz purchased a new 5th wheel last year. They are leaving it on their Homeground’s campsite to be rented out to anyone except during the 4-day 4th of July shoot and the State Shoot when they will be using it. Income from the rental would go to the WTA. Since Denny & Ruth cannot be there this year, they are letting Dick and Arlene use it free of charge as they and Fritz Thistle are up there every week trying to fill in for Denny. Fritz has his own camper on the grounds.  Bruce and Kevin, this is such a great gesture and is truly appreciated by Dick and Arlene, and the WTA.  THANK YOU!

    Denny & Ruth miss everyone and wish they could be there.  His Chemo and Radiation treatments have been completed.  Now he heals and waits for much more testing to be done.

    John Atkielski


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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