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Homegrounds Update July 22, 2016

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    John Atkielski

    HOME GROUNDS UPDATE!!  –  July 22, 2016

    MISSED A WEEK – wonder why??  The state shoot was terrific!  I heard it was the largest state shoot Wisconsin has ever had.  A 5-pointer for sure!  Brian Giese, Nekoosa School Board member, brought in and managed 70 kids who did their best to do the scoring, loading, and cleanup.  Thanks to each one of you for a hard job well done.  We only had rain one night, one very chilly day, many warm and sunny days, and of course, wind.  I missed getting a picture of John & Jean Reeb, and Tim Curtain walking with machetes through the tall wheat (rye?) from one end of the field to the other, cutting down the 4-6 ft tall, yellow flowered weeds that might keep a shooter from getting that perfect score!

    John Atkielski was asked how he managed to get the shoot-offs completed so quickly!  No – we won’t loan him out to other states!  And there were MANY other states represented – too numerous to mention.  The campsites were completely filled, including the edge of the parking lot – 160 in all!  Many brought golf carts, ATV’s etc.  All 30 of the golf carts the WTA had to rent were used, and more were requested!  Amy Jensen did a remarkable job of keeping the campers & golf carts straight.  Ken Cerney, in addition to running the Hall of Fame Banquet, checked in all the privately owned carts, ATV’s etc.  President “Dewey” Farnsworth was extremely busy from morning ‘til night, from one end of the grounds to the other, helping everyone out and taking care of the many “challenges” that arise in a State Shoot.  Assisting him was a legion of helpers, including most of the Directors and Delegates, setting targets, solving line problems, voice release problems, make-ups, and many other duties.

    Last, but not least, a huge Thank You to Theresa Howland for managing the cashiering, entry, squadding, and a bundle of other ‘challenges’ to test her.  She did a GREAT and exhausting job, with a smile on her face!

    The picture below shows the next generation of responsible shooters – Bruce Stiteley’s grandson learning to pick up shells!

    Everything was cleaned up and put away just in time for the Wisconsin Cheesemakers corporate party on Wednesday.  There were 43 shooters who shot 25 practice, then 50 targets to place them in 4 classes, then another 25 to determine the winner & runner up in each class.  The 4 winners shot off for the Championship.  This was followed up by many shooting Annie Oakley.  Everyone had a good time despite a soaking from the rains.  Pictures of this outing follow.

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