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Homegrounds Update April 18, 2016

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    John Atkielski


    What a weekend it was!  A HUGE thank you to Don and Bruce Wagner who managed to get paver blocks donated to the WTA for a cart path.  Pete Rustad used a grader he brought with him, Glen Carlson used his track loader, Tom Jensen brought a tractor.  Bruce and Don, with Glen, Tom, Pete, Pat Taylor, Glenn Hamerly, John Filtz, Fritz Thistle, Jeff & Billy Recob worked together to completely lay down the cart path the entire length of the west end, and cover it with sand.  After the first rain, which will soak it in and under the blocks, the excess sand will be swept off.  See the picture on this site!

    The paver blocks are black, 2 feet square, each one weighing 100 lbs!  There are 102 pallets, at 2000# per pallet – and 9 aching backs!  They worked hard and long Saturday and Sunday.  Karen brought fried chicken and water from Pritzel’s for a lunch break.

    Dwight Paulin and Don Chrapla cut up firewood out of the approximately 60 trees that had fallen in both campground areas.

    Fritz took care of MANY bunker shooters, too!

    Thanks to all of you, and anyone I inadvertently missed.

    NOW – MORE HELP NEEDED! Hopefully, with your help, (we’re hoping for at least 15 more people), we will be able to complete this project over the next two weekends.  Just come and join us at any time.  We need you!

    On Friday of this week, Rebecca Kleefish will be attending the official opening of the 2016 shooting season.  There will be youths demonstrating shooting trap and bunker, followed by open practice.


    John Atkielski

    Glenn Hamerly

    The cart path is all laid East of the tent building. 103 tons of tile blocks in two days. This weekend we would like to start going West of the tent building. If I could get 16 people to make up two teams for Saturday and Sunday, I feel we could get most of the West end done. If all you can lift is a 16 inch piece of wood, we can use you. If all you can do is push a broom, we can use you. And if your young and strong we definitely can use you. Please consider it and be part of something special. Email me if you can make it so I can plan ahead. wtahamerman@yahoo.com

    Thank you,


    Patrick Taylor

    There are three more names to add to the workers list.  Tate Barwald , Bill Esselman and Karen Recob.

    Don Mittag

    Unbelievable.  When Glenn called me last night he told me how much they got done I couldn’t believe it.  It looks beautiful.   Well done guys.

    Brad Bomkamp

    Virgil and Brad Bomkamp will be there Saturday.  What time are we starting?

    Amy Jenkins

    Brad, I believe the crew is starting between 8 and 9am Saturday.

    Brad Bomkamp

    On Saturday, 4-23-16, the crew doubled the amount that was finished the previous weekend.  After Saturday, 2/3 of the entire car path was now laid.  When we left, 86 ton of tile had been laid that day.

    Didn’t get an opportunity to go back and help again on Sunday, so don’t know if they got rained out or got more finished.  Thanks to Arlene for the lunch and all the other volunteers who helped.


    Dan Horkan

    I stopped up today. It looks amazing. Many thanks and what a exceptional bunch to get it done. Thanks again to all of you from the entire WTA and anyone who ever goes down this path over the years to come.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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