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    John Atkielski


    Many shooters from Wisconsin and across the United States have donated to help make the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association homegrounds in Rome, WI what it is today. The WTA thanks everyone and is very appreciative of your support. To make your shooting facility even better, the WTA continues to accept donations for the following items:

    There are 30 trap fields. 24 have sponsored at $15000 each and Plum Creek Timber has already donated $7000 towards a field leaving $8000 to complete that field’s sponsorship. That leaves traps 26 -30 as the only remaining fields that can be sponsored. Once the total donation for a trap field is received,  granite blocks will be engraved with the sponsors names and will be placed on the trap beginning this year.

    There are 15 trapline shelters. Eleven have been sponsored at $2500 each and donor nameplates have been installed. Only shelters #4, 10, 11, and 13 remain.

    19 of 30 gun racks have been sponsored, with donor tags all ready attached. 11 more gun racks need sponsorship at $350.

    53 of the 60 six foot shooters benches have been donated. To donate for a bench is $250.

    Lights for four fields are needed at $10000 each. $5000 has been donated towards one.

    One $2400 bleacher is sponsored, leaving three others to be covered.

    Donations are also being accepted for patio sections at $325 each, walkway sections at $200 each and the WTA Learning Center.

    The WTA is a 501C3 organization and your donation could be tax deductible! Please mail donations to the WTA Treasurer Jim Kroeplien, W2718 County  Road  O,  Sheboygan Falls, WI 53085.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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