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    Mike Pigusch

    Congratulations to all those who shoot from a .5 yard distance.
    You received a 1/2 yardage punch but, do you know the rules?
    You shoot from the whole yardage line.
    A 20 yard shooter who shoots a 96 and only earns a 1/2 yard will be officially a 20.5 yard shooter but will shoot from the 20 yard line until their next punch.

    Any Handicap shooter only shoots from the whole yard line not any half yard line. Over the last couple of years I saw half yard shooters trying to shoot from the 1/2 yard position. I try to correct when I am on the same squad and see them trying to place the microphone in the wrong place.

    Shoot Management at every trap club, should have special instruction posted about half yard shooters.

    When shoot management awards a punch, the second instruction given is where the shooter is to shoot from in the next Handicap event.

    I had a good day a Sauk today.

    Mike P

    Ken Cerney

    Mike shooters can stand anywhere behind his / her assigned yardage mark as long as they are touching the imaginary line thru the center of the post Section VII E. 10

    James Droster

    Great Post Mike I never knew this until i was told by a great shooter over this past weekend , You may know him lol.lol It was great shooting with you we had a great squad and went very smooth .And Happy birthday Yesterday also .Thanks for your Knowledge .
    JDHOG/James Droster

    Don Mittag

    Right you are Ken. If a shooter wants to shoot at 20.5 that is totally up to them. If they are 20.0 yards and want to shoot from 20.75 have at it. As long as their feet are behind the 20 and either on or either side of the imaginary line through the station.

    Mike Pigusch

    THis info was extracted from the 2018 ATA rule book.
    A contestant


    stand on the highest whole yardage punched on his/her card. For example, if a card is punched at 20.5 yards, the shooter


    stand on 20.0 yards.

    The words must and will are exact enough for me.

    Now that we are address where to stand, how many of you know there is a foul line as in bowling?

    10. When firing, the contestant’s feet must be behind the firing mark at 16- yards, or behind the mark for the Handicap yardage assigned to him/ her, depending upon the event being participated in.

    Shoot Muscoda Sunday 3 June 2018 starting at 10AM

    Mike P

    Don Mittag

    And when it say must stand BEHIND how far is that exactly. 1/1000 of a inch. 6 inches 18 inches? As long as you behind your assigned yardage and not past the next yardage you are doing exactly as the rule states.
    Or does Stand on the yardage mean exactly on the yardage? Not behind it only on it. Well I don’t know about you but my feet are to big to stand exactly on the line and not in front of or behind. Unless the line is 6 inches or more wide. But then where is the line. The front of the line, the middle or where?
    It comes down to the shooter must be behind the line. If you must be on the line you will have to disqualify my last 50,000 or so handicap targets. Actually all my targets because I don’t shoot any targets standing on the line whether it is 16, handicap or doubles. And I have never heard of anyone ever being penalized for standing behind the line.

    Ken Cerney

    I sent this question to Bob Felber of the central handicap committee

    Yes, a shooter can stand anywhere behind his assigned yardage mark as long as he is touching the imaginary line thru the center of the post. See Section VII, E., paragraph 10.
    page 30 in rule book.

    Hope this answers your question.

    Bob Felber
    On 5/28/2018 7:58 AM, Ken Cerney wrote:
    I have a question about Section VI para A It states that a shooter MUST stand on the highest WHOLE yardage punched. Mt question is, is it allowable for a shooter to stand anywhere in that yardage box, NOT ahead of the line or the next line behind. I ask this because of ½ yard shooters that want to stand at about the ½ yard position within the yard box area.

    If the ATA says you can stand anywhere with in the box that is fine with me.

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