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    Dick Otto

    I will shortly be leaving this world and want to warn you I fear for the future of the WTA and our sport. The main purpose of the WTA was, and is, conducting both the State and all gun club registered events. Very soon I fear that may become a thing of the past due to the lack of Directors willing and able to volunteer their time and talents to continue to make this organization viable and growing. It seems to me that we have a majority of shooters willing to be “takers” rather than “givers back” to our sport.
    Our Board of directors consists of two elected directors from each of the 4 State Zones in order that each zone have representation in the organization. It is accomplished at the annual Zone Shoots during the month of June. For the past two years we have been short one or more directors due to the lack of an elected candidate. The BOD has decided to ensure equal zone representation by appointing non-zone shooters when no in-zone volunteers can be found. This situation needs to be remedied so get off your collective asses and fix the problem!! IF this does not change there will be no “roses to smell” but only the remains of bathroom visits! I am not reluctant to offend anyone out there as in a short time I will have no cares of what anyone thinks of me.

    Respectfully Dick Otto S/E Zone Director.

    Mary Bleiler

    It’s not only the WTA it’s a more clubs than people realize.
    Although our Directors should set an example for others. I just hope that everyone appreciates what you and Arlene have done for our sport. Thank you for the the many times you and Arlene have offered to help at JCC.

    Prayers to you both.

    Brad Patterson

    This problem stems all the way back to when I served on the board. I see shooting doing very well. The SCTP (Scholastic Clay Target Program) is very strong in the number of young people that are participating in the various clay target disciplines (trap, skeet, and sporting clays). Currently our state is number 2 in number of participants just behind Iowa. But overall registered shooting is not as strong, although there are a couple clubs that still do very well. And getting directors is a problem.

    For whatever reason people are not willing to donate their time to their sport (or cause)and you don’t just see this in shooting. We have the same problem in our schools. I don’t fault anyone, but nowadays free time is precious and people just want to go a shoot, socialize with friends, etc. but not work. They would rather pay more and have people hired to do the work.

    This site and others like it also indirectly contribute to the problem. If our directors are constantly getting badgered and yelled at, eventually they say enough is enough. I’ve been guilty of it as have many others. Plus on a site like this, it is very easy to read tone into a response or a question and that can cause misunderstanding. We all must remember that our directors are volunteering their time and in some cases it costs them money to serve.

    How is the problem solved. I have no idea. But start by everytime you go to a shoot, seek out those running it and thank them for their time. Thank the trap kids for their efforts. Ask if you can help out. It’s the little things that count. I have done this alot over the last several years and it is amazing how it changes a attitude, both those running the shoot and yours.

    Brad Patterson

    We now need someone to step up and they will be very big shoes to fill indeed !!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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