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    Perry Hintz

    Hearing that Fritz’ open heart surgery was sucsessful today and he is resting peacefully this evening.

    He has meant so much to the success of the Homegrounds over the last several years. Please keep him in your thoughts he has a long road to recovery, hopefully we will see him back soon.

    Don Mittag

    Knowing what shape (a lot better than I was) Fritz was in prior to the surgery and having been through this more than once myself  Fritz will be up and about soon.  Plus after having him hound me for a couple of years for my HOF picture and now finally having it he better get up and going.  He won’t be able to shoot but my money is on him to show up at the State Shoot.

    With all that being said.  Fritz you are in Melinda and my thoughts and prayers for a quick and full recovery.

    Tim Thompson

    Thanks for that update, Perry. I’ll second what Don has said. Prayers for a speedy recovery, Fritz! Hope to see you soon!




    James Droster

    As stated before Best  wishes for a speedy recovery for Fritz he has been a great friend to me and my son  , many years ago he mentored and gave my son many tapes to watch to learn the skills of trapshooting , A true teacher of the game , he will be so much better when all healed up and back to his own self , Gods speed be with you my Friend .

    James Droster .

    Ken Cerney

    Thanks for the update on Fritz. Like Don said , He will be up and around very soon.

    Andy Hall

    It was such great news hearing the news about Fritz health  at the Sauk Trap and Skeet Club on Friday morning June 30th.  Fritz get well soon and our prayers are with you for a very speedy recovery. Andy and Monica

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    Dick Otto

    Heard from Esther yesterday that barring any unforeseen changes, Fritz would be released today in time for the Fourth of July celebrations.  He certainly will have lots to celebrate for.

    His Dr. is very pleased with his recovery, but he has lots of rehab to be done!!


    Don Mittag

    Still hoping for his recovery to allow him to make it to the State shoot.  His rehab (other than his normal daily walking) most likely won’t start till week 3.  That is when mine started.  But, and he knows this, it all starts with walking.  They recommend 3 times a day at least.  I know where I was at 2 weeks out and I know Fritz will be chomping at the bit to get out.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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