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    Tate Barwald

    Forum rules should be pretty straight forward as most of us are on another forum of some sort. Bashing or inappropriate  comments towards another member, the WTA, directors or our volunteers will not be tolerated. I will do my best to monitor this along with a few others. If you won’t call the person or talk to them face to face don’t put it in the forum!! Any questions feel free to call me anytime. 608-334-0585

    Don Mittag

    I guess my question would be.  Why have the forum if we have to call or talk to the person face to face.  The idea behind forum is to let others hear the conversation so they can see first hand not get it second, third or forth hand and get half truths or parts of the conversation.


    Brad Patterson

    My question to the forum moderator would be pretty simple and straight forward. Why do we have a forum, or even better, why have a website ? We read in the minutes about how the WTA has no money. How do we justify paying for something that a. The members don’t use, and b. the directors don’t use or respond to questions when posted.

    The current BOD’s wanted the forum back after it was shut down, but then they don’t respond or answer questions. They don’t use it for updates. Last year there were lots of updates posted about what went on up at homegrounds. This forum while a great tool, is grossly underused.

    So my question : why do we have a forum ????


    James Droster

    Hi Brad .

    Welcome back it appears  that there are a few who use the forum and like it and I agree with you as it is not used like it could or should be . Add a  section for,  sale or wanted to buy items, would be a good start .Also lots of people don’t even know about it  yet  as you can see there is only a few who open the door so to say .Like anything it needs time and we do not need it to get like the old forum with all the Bitching and whinny stuff , I think we are all Men and Women so I trust we can act like it  behind closed doors .Hope there can be a fix for everything in time , we are moving in a fast paced world , enjoy the ride my friends .

    Amy Jenkins

    I am not a Director, however, everyone knows that I am very involved in this organization.  I update the website as often as I can.  But, on the flip side, I am extremely busy and therefore don’t always have the time to spend on here, nor spend time reading about how mad people are for something the BOD did or didn’t do.  It gets old.  There are days that I get 35 to 40 calls for camping reservations or just information calls about our facility.  I respond to every single one of them in a timely manner.  I spent 5 days at Homegrounds last weekend for the High School Clay Target League shoot.

    As for the comment about talking face to face, sometimes that goes a long way and takes away the negative comments on here.  Some things are just meant to handle over the phone.

    As for the forum, the BOD has changed a lot since the forum was brought back, so I’m not sure saying the current BODs was the one that wanted it still stands.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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