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    Mary Bleiler

    <p class=”MsoNormal”>Once again the WTA board has alienated the officers and directors of the Janesville Conservation Club. Last year I didn’t say anything at the meeting about the fact that we <b>donated</b> $2500.00 for a shelter and the $10,000.00 for the cement that everyone was sitting on. We did not get our name on the banner, web page or even a mention. I had spoken to Jim about it before the meeting and Bill had to get someone to put our name on the banner in marker after the meeting. So it’s not like it wasn’t brought to the attention of anyone.
    This week we got our state shoot program and guess what?? Yup, once again. I asked Jim how much money a club has to donate to get any recognition.  Our club survives on targets alone, no beer, pop or food goes to the club to help run it. So this was no small sacrifice for us.</p>
    <p class=”MsoNormal”>Nice job!<s></s></p>

    John Atkielski

    Mary Bleiler, Janesville Conservation Club Officers, Directors and All of It’s Members

    On behalf of myself and the WTA, we apologize greatly for this inadvertent oversight on our part. We deeply appreciate all that you and the Janesville Conservation Club have done to help support the WTA and it’s Homegrounds. Based on the donations you listed above, I just added Janesville Conservation Club as a Gold Sponsor on the WTA website. If this is not correct, please let me know. If there are any other persons, businesses, gun clubs, etc. that we have missed, please let a Director, the Secretary, the Treasurer or myself know right away so that you to may receive the proper recognition that you deserve.

    John Atkielski

    The WTA also apologizes to following people that were not previously listed on the website and that did not make the State Shoot program listing:

    Russell and Judith Stollfuss – Silver Sponsor

    Gary Reynolds – Bronze Sponsor

    Jack Morris – Silver Sponsor

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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